Friday, June 30, 2006

Does Your Name Incline You to Be An Instructor?

Been meaning to postulate this theory for the longest time, but keep forgetting. It's remarkably coincidental, that out of the gadzillion names on this planet, that the circle of names within the gym GXI group seem to be replicated all the time.

In FF alone, I noticed, there are at least 2 Alvins, 2 or more Bens, 2 Erics, 2 Alex, Calvin, Kelvin and Klevin, Jacq and Jack, 2 or more Nics, I think there are two Sue Anns...which is really bizarre, since its not even a western name. Oh, Eugene as well. Gosh....

Now, tell me its a cosmic coincidence!!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Pumbat = Pump + Combat.

Yup, back to back classes...haven't done those in awhile. For that matter, haven't been doing more than one pump class per week since the elbow injury, so it's quite a feat. Pump instructress, Herny, also seems to be recovering from some shoulder injury that she was alluding to. Not sure what happened. As I said before, going for classes at another centre is like going to a different school, whereas at MJH, there is a sense of familiarity that makes it oh so comfortable. All the familiar faces in class, Lion Heart, the lil boy Alvin, etc etc. Met Lionheart's sister, a replica of Mrs Lionheart. Saw one of my friends, whom I had not noticed till now, had a slight, over the years, the one thing I've learnt when it comes to women, is not to barge in and ask that dreaded "ARE YOU PREGNANT" question.....especially if they have the propensity to be urm, on the large side. But this friend has always been very svelte.... Nevertheless, I bit my tongue and refrained from asking, but in hindsight, I think she was hinting to me already, because before class, she asked me if I knew so and so was pregnant....I didn't even know WHO she was referring to. During the class, the first clue I got was when instructress mentioned she would focus on pregnancy options, and asked who else was preggers. I raised my hand..... well, my belly is worthy of a 4 months pregnancy.

Pump and RPM for me fall in the same category. I hate it. I only do it because its necessary. If God gave me a remotely toned body, that could opt not to do pump, you wouldn't see me huffing and puffing there if you paid me. Amazingly, she managed to do all 10 tracks without much hoo ha, and finished on time. Well, as in, did not encroach into the combat class. Just looking at Lionheart's weights made me exhausted. 17½kg for squats, 12½kg for chest, shudder...(on each side).

Combat - The usual Wednesday instructor, the one who used to wear the ring of power around his neck, was not there, and was replaced by a guy called Jason. Now, I asked FCI if it was the same Jason that taught attack and jam, but apparently not. Nor did FCI know who he was. It wasn't until Pickles showed up on MSN, informing me that this fellow was her batch, and had just cleared his combat the day before. Talk about fresh off the oven......Of course, I could not RESIST the opportunity to try a debut class. Physically, the guy looks like a cross between FCI and No 1 in tianjin (aka Dr Combat). Weird huh. At least, that was what was going through my mind.

It really must be quite daunting, to be new, AND to be teaching in MJH. I recognised a few other fellows there who I think are also combat instructors in the making.... ah, to be judged by your peers. How stressful. Into the 2nd track or so, I noticed the NGXM (who's really tall) watching from outside, with the GXC. To his credit, he performed fairly well, although he did confuse himself by switching from mirror image to doing it same side as the class....on one or two occasions. The warm up was sedate enough, but the pace really did pick up from the 2nd track onwards.....

Now, I got a cramp in track 2, and was in pain, but decided to stay on coz I thought track 3 usually is just upper body, but nooooo....this one had scissors and cross jack? (what IS that movement? no one pronounces it clearly)...which made the cramps worse. By the 5th track, I thought it would be to my detriment to stay on, so had to leave the class prematurely. Pity though. Would have liked to stay to the end. Anyway, all in all, I'd say the fellow did a good job. Definitely got promise.

Now, to go nurse my aching calf.

Might need to go for a less strenuous combo....jambal?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Last Minute Combat

Wasn't going to go for combat, but a last minute sms made me change my mind. In a way, it's good to have a guilty conscience prodding you, be it by sms or by divine telepathy, to go and workout when you're feeling lazy, and just want to morph into a couch potato.

Because it WAS really a last minute decision, I arrived at 6.45 sharp, according to my watch. The clocks in the gym are not synchronized, it's like entering a different world there, with different time zones. The clock about the juice bar showed 6.42pm, whereas the one in the studio was 6.45, and the one in the changing room, 6.47pm. As usual, FCI's class was full, and this time, my plaintive looks of desperation did not move the young lady who was taking registration, as I stood outside nose pressed up against the window pane.

Something like the picture above....

I might be putting myself in jeopardy here, and be hauled up by the disciplinary committee of the gym, but one of my pals from inside, who was standing near the door, beckoned me to come in, and when I didn't, he actually opened the door and dragged me in. So I was coerced. But anyway, after that, the girl must have decided there was actually more space, and decided to allow a few more ladies in. Actually, there was space. But it did get a bit tight at track 5, for the groupie track, forming a circle.

A mix of old and new tracks, with my favourite muay thai that reminds me of my ex FCI, Wai Hoong. Couldn't stay for conditioning, because had to rush off for dinner, but as I was entering the changing room, I caught a glance of this chap, who gave me a brief look. It didn't click at first, but after the steam cleared in my brain, (from all that heat...not the other kinda "steam"), it dawned on me who the chappie was. Immediately I went out again to greet the Young Wolf. He seems like a very pleasant chappie, and looks a bit younger in real life. Or is it older? I can't quite place my finger on what it is that's different about him in real life and in his blog pic. He said he recognised me from the goatee.... which is currently growing. (these days I shave it off and grow it back, and throw random tests at my other half to see if she notices whether its there or not). Nice to meet you, finally, YW[2K]. In view of the fact that I nearly didn't go, I'd say it was a rather serendipititious meeting.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Voodoo Child

I gather that the Les Mills people buy the copyrights to certain songs and use them in various programs, as I suddenly heard this song again in body pump, yesterday. I think it is also featured in one of the body step releases, and is renowned to be a tough song.

Anyway, FYI (not "For Your Info"....Favourite Young Instructor....well, for want of a better title la, but it sounds lurid) was a bit late, so I thought, good, he'll have to skip shoulder track.... but NOOOOOOOOOO, he managed to do 10 tracks again, and surprisingly, encroached only a little into the following Jam class's time. All the three pushup related tracks had pushups. I usually can do quite a number of shoulder/chest pushups, but I find I simply CANT after the chest track. Could do the triceps pushup because it was before the bar work, as was the case for shoulder pushups. In addition to my elbow injury, I now have a calf injury as well, on my right leg, because I had cramps on sunday, while doing aerobics, (at home, following this aussie fit video called FAT BURNERS), and it was hurting like hell. I don't usually feel the elbow injury apart from when doing upright rows, but this time I felt some pain while doing biceps as well. Sigh....all these ailments that come with age. Maybe it had to do with all that kneading.

Anyway, the hectic weekend has really taken its toll. Went down to the treadmill after body pump, but suddenly, was overcome by a tsunami of laziness, and decided to hit the sauna instead. I'm exhausted.

The young boy's class seems to be getting more and more crowded!!! I hear my ex FPI, lisa jones, is in town somewhere.

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's A Bird, It's A Plane....It's......Superman Themed Class

Usually before a group exercise class begins, the normal preamble would be the mike test, (it baffles me, how, in a gym where they have back to back classes, one after another, a mike can fail right after one's like the mike has a life of its own, and says, oh, I don't like this instructor, I'm gonna sleep now), ...asking if there are any first timers, a cursory introduction about the dos and donts to the newbies, AND, any announcements the gym may have. Yesterday's step class's announcement was "there will be a superman themed class on Saturday, .........". My first thought is of course, the traditional donning on of red underwear over your trackpants, or tights, and draping a red cape....which might be a tad distracting, esp for body step. Might look kinda cool for body pump though.
Speaking of the Man Of Steel, I much prefer this version of superman, compared with the new pretty boy, Brandon Routh.....who looks more like Supermetrosexualman. Or worse, some other supermen wannabes. I digress. Okay, the themed classes require you to wear blue, red, OR yellow...or is it AND... Chuck in some white, and we can double it with Merdeka Day.

Step was particularly exhausting....maybe because I skipped my normal sunday class. Also, now that they are allowed to derail from latest tracks, FSI wasted no time in reclaiming his rightful title of Fearsome Squat Instructor....squats began at track 3... and didn't end till the end. My knees are beginning to feel the effects of this uneven squatting...(one leg on step board, one leg on floor....). FSI's boss, the NGXM, sat in for two tracks, together with Lynn, the petite chilli padi body attack instructor. The mike failed during track 3, but was rectified by Lynn. The first timer was so exhausted she had to sit down.....which part of "whatever you do, do not sit, just march in place" she didnt understand, I'm not sure.

Argh, I'm getting too old for this.....creak creak....

Oh, is it just me, or does Superman look like he's having an the picture above???

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Not Gonna Get Us

I think of all the combat conditioning tracks, one of the toughest ones is this one, Not Gonna Get Us by Tatu, which is also the trademark of FCI. And the fact that there have been no pushups in the latest combat release, this track came as quite a jolt. In a good way, no doubt. The other killer push up track is probably We Will Rock You.

As usual, I arrived late, and was told by the girl at the front desk, "Are you here for combat?", I nodded, and she said, "You're too's full". Not exactly the kind of news one wants to here, after rushing like mad to attend. Anyway, I figured that if nothing, I'd use the free hot water in the gym, since it's paid for. Another pal, Roger, was in a similar predicament. And the guardian at the gate, (the woman who takes the registration at the studio door) very sternly said, just by eye contact, "no no, you can't go in, it's full". I could imagine her wagging her finger like a headmistress with hands on her hips, and bun on her hair, telling a school boy, "you're late boy, you cannot go for class today, its detention for you".

With the perserverance of an everest climber, I lingered around, plaintively, hoping for FCI to see the distressed position I was in, and exert his influence and bring me in, nevertheless....but no such luck. But, however, it appeared that many registrants DIDN'T turn up. Must have double booked. So, the studio did not seem so packed, commensurate with the numbers that registered. Twas then, that a ray of hope pierced through the dark clouds, and melted the ice on the guardian of the gate, and she thawed, and said, okay, you can go in.

It's nice to be doing the old tracks again, after two weeks or so of continuous new release. Alas, the mike konked out halfway, and somehow, having to rely on visual cueing, isnt quite the same, especially when there is no stage in MJH, AND, the instructor ain't exactly urm.....very visible in that large crowd.

Lots of the "usual suspects" were there this time round. Shanticombat, whom I'm never seen in MJH, Kitty, Pick Yin, and obviously, judging by the forum, lady nina as well.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pumping On Monday

I often wonder who are the guys and girls who can come for a 4.45 class. Unlike in the Curve, where the average age is a teen figure, in MJH/MML, the people are more urm, my age. Or at least they're old enough to have driving licenses. I have now been doing pump for more than a year. Started off around last April. So, is there any difference? Ya, for one, I've actually DROPPED my load because of my elbow. At least for the shoulder and clean and press tracks. I was using pretty much the same weights as the young instructor yesterday, ie, 11kg for swats, 7½ kg for chest, 8½ kg for clean & press (dropped from 10kg), 5kg for triceps and biceps, 5kg for lunges, (actually this one can definitely load more, but after biceps, I just wanna go home), and am reduced to donuts for upright rows in shoulder track.

Has there been any difference? I wait for the day when I can change the blog name to FATBOYNOMOREBAKES. (that is, fatboynomore, bakes. not fatboy no more bakes). Back in my single days, when my parents were keen to flog me off to any potential bride, I was offered a certain amount of money to lose 10kg. I knew I didnt have to rely on looks to hook a bride, so I ignored the offer. But now, I am open to if anyone feels thus inclined to motivate me to shed the pounds....send a proposal.

Young Instructor, (YI for short) this time did not manage to fit all 10 tracks into the 45 minute class, because there were first timers and he felt obliged to explain some things to them in between. I'm not too fussed, and I don't think anyone holds it against him for not completing 10 tracks in that time. And YAY, its that time of month....when it is no longer obligatory for instructors to stick to the latest release, and therefore have the liberty of mixing and matching. However, despite the various comments, mainly not so positive, about the latest releases, I don't mind most of it. Which reminds me, I have yet to attend RPM and Body Attack for the latest. And it suddenly occured to me, I came dangerously close to doing some semblance of JAM, during FCI's charity auction class on Sunday. Thankfully, I could pretend to be a photographer, covering the event for the gym tatler.

I digress. The pump class was good, apart from the fact that penguins and polar bears could be spotted in the MJH studio. Emerged from the class sweatless thanks to the sub zero conditions. Biceps was a killer, with the 8 lower halves, 8 upper halves combo. No abs. I just learnt a new term yesterday. Flabdominals. The flab that protects the abs. I got plenty of those.

Monday, June 19, 2006

FCI's Jam Class

I don't really know HOW to begin this post. It was the weirdest kind of sunday. Skipped church, mainly because of father's day lunch with inlaws, but at the same time, was secretly pleased because that meant I got nip over to FF Axis for awhile, to witness the much talked about combat event of the year, ie, the result of the Miracle Auction Event, 2006, whereby someone bid RM500 for FCI, for the privilege of a class where the bidder could choose all the tracks. Rather sedate request, for RM500....I would have expected a lot more skin, or stripping of strategic areas.

Anyway, back to back with that bid was another bid for FCI to do an entire Jam class with Jam Superstar, Tony. Since that bid failed, I don't know how, they still managed to get FCI to agree to do one Jam track with Tony. Of course, the studio was packed to capacity, but not everyone was in the know as to the surprise in store. I overheard a lass commenting, "JAM? I dont want to do jam". In one fell swoop, I managed to meet at least 3 or 4 "prominent" names of the pseudonymns on the Fitness Fever Forum, including the bidder, choobacca, who turns out is from my alma mater.

Tony is a GREAT jam instructor, although I am no jam fan, I can see that he really exudes that charisma that makes them great. FCI, amidst cat calls and whistles, jammed along for the warm up track, which Tony announced, was a very "masculine" track. Hungry for more, the screaming women yelled for an encore, after the first track, whereupon Tony seized the opportunity to make FCI gyrate more, and display more hip and bum movement. You'd think you were in some rock concert, or Akademi Fantasia, ....and not a fitness first les mills class. To reciprocate, Tony in turn did one Combat warm up track, and well, I think it was nothing new to him, as he seemed like a natural. Probably was a combat instructor before. Yhsmom postulated that jammers pick up combat more easily that vice versa, probably because of the versatility afforded by Jam. Alas, I could not stay for the entire session, and had to leave by the 2nd track. Not before getting some exciting video footage and still shots though.

Not only FCI was becoming a celebrity, but the day before, FPI also had his time in the limelight, when an article featuring him and shades gf appeared in the Weekend Mail. Rather tacky headline, LOVERS GET TOGETHER IN UNCONVENTIONAL WAYS.....article was courtesy of long time Malay Mail journalist, and fellow blogger. I am not sure what is the best way to scan and save articles from the papers, or any articles, for that matter. The newspaper clipping looks too tiny. But the last paragraph, on the next page, is clear enough for all to read, and respond accordingly. (in my case, by choking).

Meanwhile, on Saturday, I also went for Combat at the Curve with my latest "favourite combat instructor". What does one call a runner up for "favourite"? 2nd Favourite? His class was very enjoyable. Might make it a regular spot, since rumor has it my traditional saturday evening slot in MJH will be replaced by God Knows who. Also, it's quite fun to jalan jalan around ikano and ikea after class. Oh, but I did promise FFBI (future favourite balance instructor) and FSI that I will attend the balance class next saturday. Aiyo, if u read this ah, apologies in advance. Next saturday also I can't. Got wedding dinner, cocktails start at 6.30pm. Actually, going to other gyms is like going to a new school. In MJH, i am familiar with everyone there, and know most of the faces. But at NSFCI class, (new 2nd favourite combat instructor) i dont know anyone, not to mention the age median seems a lot lower than for one aunty who's always there. Doesn't help that the instructor also doesn't know you. Oh, hangon, it helps in the sense that you can stand in front without fear of being laughed at, unlike in FCI's class.

The Curve seems to be teeming with's like the aquaria of instructors. At any one time, there'll be at least 4 or 5 instructors milling around one.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Combat Encore

After much deliberating whether or not to go for combat class, coz my lower back is kinda acting up again, I decided, ah, what the heck. So at 6.30pm I make my way to the gym. I have never had to park that low down before in MML, it was like basement 3b!!! As it turns out, FCI also arrived at the same time.

As I expected, by the time I got to the studio, at 6.40pm, the registration for the class was actually FULL HOUSE. Groan. Anyway, the guy taking the registration saw my plaintive look, and gave me a surreptitious "go ahead la" into the class. I am amazed that not more accidents happen within that small confines of the studio, with flailing arms and legs all over the place. I can actually feel the wind of the round house kick from the guy behind me, like it's just missed my ear by 2mm. FCI was in top form, and I have to say, this combat release is growing on me. From initially being ambivalent about it, I have grown to quite like it. I reckon if you could tap the energy from the class, and somehow convert it to electricity, there should be enough in that class to light up a small village in Aceh.

For track 6, the slow motion track, (they should play that bionic music and sound effects of six million dollar man....), coz I was trying to adjust my back ache, I almost toppled in the beginning of the front kicks, which did not escape the attention of the instructor, who LAUGHED at me. Now how wicked is that. Laughing at the lame. But I tell you, for some reason, that track culminates in the most sweat. I think it's partially the sudden slowing down in pace, but intensity increases, plus the heat generated from the 1st 5 tracks, makes it an ideal sweathog situation. We actually finished all 8 tracks with time to spare, so before conditioning, FCI offered to do another power track, (after I had already lied down on my mat), which was greeted very enthusiastically by the class. So we did an extra power track, hence, Encore Combat. FCI also announced that he will be doing 1 track of body jam (result of the miracle auction) this sunday, at axis. (he didn't specify WHICH track, it better not be the conditioning or cool down).

And no, I will not be resuming the old blog.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Omen Remake With FCI

Actually, this has nothing to do with gym, apart from the fact that I went to watch the movie with my FCI and his gf, at the new Cathay cineplex, very near the gym. Also, we chose to watch this midnight movie on a night when the World Cup was kicking off, which speaks volumes for our (FCI & me) inclination towards watching 22 people scurrying around a large field for a ball.

FCI had very kindly gotten the tickets ahead of time, though judging by the cinema crowd that was lost to the world cup, we might have been able to get tickets anyway, even at the last minute.

"When the Jews return to zion, and the comet rips the sky
When the holy roman empire rises, then you and I must die.

From the eternal sea he rises, creating armies on either shore
Turning man against his brother, Till man exists no more".

For some bizarre reason, I have remembered this poem ever since form 4. Anyway, considering that the remake was an almost EXACT replica of the original one, these two gems of poetry were still an integral part of the script. This version relies more on graphic and thriller kind of shock, the kind that makes women scream, and cling onto their boyfriends. A good excuse for the first time daters who want to get "close".

The original movie was not visually scary; it was conceptually evil, and wreaked of hell. The score, Ave Satani, is a direct incantation of Satan, and really sends goosebumps down my spine, till today. It was this combination of demonic soundtrack, plus intense acting by Lee Remick and Gregory Peck, that made the original movie a true classic and in a league of its own. This version, well, lacked that diabolic soundtrack, and in my opinion, fell short of the original by far. Nevertheless, the boy Damien does look more sinister in this new version, compared with that adorable little boy in the original.

Thanks FCI for buying the ticks.

On a separate note, Red Planet commented that I should have just continued with my old blogsite, rather than separating the topics into gym, food and miscellaneous. Another friend commented that these restrictions have actually forced me to be more creative in the gym writing, as there is very little raw material to work with. I can't say I am not tempted to return to the original site, of course, omitting the genre of blogging that got me into trouble to begin with.

See how la.

Chest Track Does Not Diminish Cup Size

You learn something new everyday. Yesterday, during body pump, the young instructor dedicated a reassuring revelation to the many women who had apparently asked him the question, "Does the check track cause a reduction in boob size". The answer, is a resounding "NO". Then, just as you thought it couldn't get any weirder, another young caucasian boy in the class asks, "hangon, does it make the b****s any bigger? Because I've been doing weights and my ahem seems to be getting bigger, and I don't want it to get any bigger". So once again, young instructor had to give assurance to the lad that nope, his mammaries would not magnify.

Very pleased with myself, coz managed to do 98% of the biceps track, AND complete the lunges, which has 16 bottom halves on each side. I always feel a strain on my arms while doing lunges, because its right after biceps, and to hold the bar on the shoulders in that position always makes my left arm painful.

Meanwhile, on a separate issue, this young girl I know, has been bemoaning the fact that she's fat. Duhh. Wake up and smell the roses woman, if you're fat, I should be checking into Marie France pronto. (and no wise cracks please about "why not"). Our latest acquisition is the ozim UZAP. The brilliant invention that supposedly lets you vibrate away your fat while watching TV. I'll let you know in a month's time if its worked.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Frolicking From Gym To Gym

Well, not quite that many gyms. Since my normal combat instructor on saturday in MML is indisposed for the next one month, I had to seek other avenues. Actually, I would love to have tried body attack but all the body attacks on saturday seems to encroach into nap times, or meal times. After a quick surf of the online timetable, (how did mankind survive before these kind of conveniences?), I decided to head to the Curve for combat with this chappie, whom a certain young girl referred to as "yummy". Not for those reasons however, did I head there. There were no other "senior" instructors on the radar screen, except for this one, around those waking hours of 4 pm on a Saturday evening.

Unlike the MML crowd on Saturday evening, the Curve was packed. The demographics are somewhat different as well. I must have single handedly raised the age average to the 30-35 range. I have to say that this present combat release has kinda grown on me. I love the inordinate amount of kattas, and the "free flow" (non thematic) ness of the entire release. It helps too that so far, I've only had good/great instructors teaching it, so it hasn't marred my perception. This chappie, well, it's not hard to see why he has such a following; he's really not a bad instructor, and very personable, and I am sure aesthetically, ranks quite highly as far as instructors are concerned. So, we have a winner!!! I had a good time, and did not regret the RM5 I had to pay to troop all the way to the Curve. (RM2 Penchala Toll, RM1 car park, RM2 for fuel). Just before the conditioning , saw FSI and FFBI (future favourite balance instructor) milling about outside the studio, and FFBI signalled me to come out. He told me that I am to attend his balance class. Much as I would have loved to, I really had to head home, and promised him I'd do it next week. Hmmm, see, the thing about balance, I really can't balance. Despite the low centre of gravity, I have the sense of balance as an egg on a rhino horn. But I quite enjoy body balance though, so I guess I will give it a try next week.

Sunday - the mike of MJH/MML and this instructor, (of previously blond hair), really do not see eye to eye. The mike has singularly failed him more often than any other instructor that I've seen. Somewhere around track 6, the mike just went off. Poor chap. But his visual cue-ing isn't too bad, so the class was surprisingly smooth. Am beginning to feel the toll that body step is taking on my knees. No incidences to blog about.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Body Step 64

It is getting increasingly more of an effort to drag oneself to the gym for GX classes, I am not sure why. If it werent for the fact that FSI was teaching, I seriously doubt I'd have bothered, so sad to say, yes, the instructor does make a difference.

Anyway, got a 2nd go at the new step release. I quite like track 3, which has an interested turn step over the top combo. The thighs track, 7 I think it is, looks deceptively simple, but is quite hard on the knees, especially the L tap combination. Can really feel burning at the knees and thighs.

On a separate note, I got a really weird sms from "someone", asking me if I would be watching the World Cup. I replied that soccer interests me as much as bacon might interest a muslim. Then, the following sms from him postulated a theory that only guys of a certain sexual orientation are not interested in soccer. Of all the ridiculous theories, this one ranks quite high up there. Rather presumptuous to think that one particular game should have that much impact that everyone must be enthralled by it. It's as ridiculous as saying, only non alcoholics drink coke. Or only lesbians watch women's tennis. Snort.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Body Combat Release 28

It has been described by some as "no soul", "no theme", etc etc. Some absolutely pan it. Last night, braving the flood waters from the monsoon like thunderstorm, I waded over to MJH, expecting the class to be somewhat empty, given the adverse weather conditions. But I forgot who was teaching. The most expensive "piece of meat" that was auctioned at the recent Miracle Event. My FCI!!! He the man!!! Anyway, I was number 33 on the register.

Actually, I don't mind this release at all. There are some pretty nice kattas, throughout, and I like the sidekick track with the elbow. And the cool down song, Because of You, is rather nice. Of course it helps that FCI was teaching, coz honestly, and I don't mean to sound excessively gushing, I've yet to attend a class of his where I emerged feeling shortchanged. Again, the crowded studio might have contributed to the body heat, and by extension, the propensity for sweat. Track 6 is proof that slower isn't always easier, in fact, as is often the case in these les mills programs, slower IS harder. Doing kicks in slow motion can be rather challenging if you are it mentally, or physically. No 1 in Tianjin, aka Dr Combat, even injured himself during this particular track during the launch, from probably being too perfect.

Well, the objective was achieved, a darn good sweat, enjoyable music, energetic class with lots of noise, so, no complaints at all.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Public Service Announcement

Further to the previous post, highlighting Gorgeous Woman's torn hamstring, she has asked me to issue this statement, lest some readers out there are shivering at the thought of potential injury from the latest BODY STEP release:

Announcement Start:
Please note that the activities and moves undertaken by GW prior to the hamstring tear were not in part or whole part of a BODYSTEP class or choreography in this or any other release. The move was done in the full knowledge and understanding that although it would provide impact to reinforce a point that Fitness Magic or Performance are in important element of any BODYSTEP class, it did pose a certain risk to the trainer.

Note : WARNING!!!! Adult Supervision Required, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

Announcement Ends.

Body Pump Release 58

Errata from yesterday's post:

"...Gorgeous Woman, all the way from Hong Kong, who had incidentally injured herself doing splits, and was unable to teach."

It should actually read:
"...Gorgeous Woman, all the way from Hong Kong, who had TORN HER HAMSTRINGS while doing splits and stuff, and was unable to teach".

I was specifically instructed to clarify this lest I "make (her) sound like an old woman who doesn't know her limitations"

Gasp, who in their right mind would even think that!!!

Anyway, wishing you a speedy hamstring recovery, Wonder Woman!!!

More about body step on sunday. As I was saying, a regular stepper fell off the board. It's quite traumatic to see, especially when she hobbled away in pain.... made me wonder if it was such a good idea to continue with step at my age, when injuries take THAT much longer to recover from. Maybe I should stick with RPM, or lawn bowling. The new Body Step release is okay, though there are conflicting views about this. I quite enjoyed the party track.

Yesterday, went for Body Pump with Young Boy. Still haven't ascertained for a fact his age, but rumour has it that is is between a range of 17- early twenties. The enterprising young lad, whatever his age may be, managed to fit in all 10 tracks again, into a 45 minute class. Of course eating a little into the time slot of body jam. I truly do appreciate instructors who take such pains, when they really do not need to, to give members the maximum benefits for that time slot, and am definitely sold on this class for this reason, if nothing else. But, I have no complaints whatsoever, and by all accounts, it is an above satisfactory class. Oh, during the triceps track, I could have SWORN I heard the instructor call me by name, then was thinking, "nah, can't be, I haven't introduced myself before". Then it got me thinking, "...or have I? Can my memory be THAT bad?" "or did I just hear wrongly".

It turns out, later on, when I did intro myself, he said, yeah, I know your name....apparently FGXC, (the GXC of SPK now) had intro-ed me before. Wonder how people do that. "oh, he's that fat guy with glasses".....or, "aiya, there, that one la, the shorty, spec spec one, always stand in front".....if only walls could speak.

Elbow is still kinda painful, so upright rows are an effort. Must have looked absurd when I switched to donuts for that particular move.

Monday, June 05, 2006

There Can Be MIRACLES, When You Believe....

I got this sms from fellow gym member yesterday:

"Dunno whether its just me bt one of the main reasons I njoyed ystrday was the FF Community Spirit which is lacking in othr gyms...."

I have to say, whilst I have no experience with the other gyms, I have a fair idea of what she means. Yesterday (Saturday) referred to that huge MIRACLE 2006 event, organised by Fitness First, at the Curve, a charity event meant to raise funds for MAKNA. (not MAKAN). And I did feel a certain camaraderie with the Fitness First Crowd, and actually felt quite proud to be a member of the gym that bothers to organised such mega events with such noble causes. (and I am not being sarcastic)

Anyway, you needed to purchase coupon booklets of RM50, and pay RM30 for the outdoor classes, or RM40 for the extended outdoor classes, or RM20 for the indoor classes. Now, charity aside, RM30 is a steep price to pay for a class that is otherwise free, but heck, it IS charity. I ruled out going for Body Step, coz it was at 9am on a Saturday morning.... much as I would have LOVED to have gone. Had taken cough meds of the drowsy kind, and was feeling drugged. Targetted to go for Body Combat, at 4.30, which starred FCI, FPI, and No 1 in Tianjin, so obviously it was the natural choice. Foolishly, I underestimated the traffic on a public holiday, and was VERY VERY stressed by 4.10, when I was stuck in the basement of Ikano looking for a carpark in a very very crowded and jammed environment. FCI's gf very kindly registered for me... managed to jettison the car in some illegal spot, but only after getting clearance from the security guard. Dashed through Ikano like a madman, barging through the escalators, knocking everyone unconscious with my gym bag, did a change parade* (change parade - an army punishment whereby you are given a short amount of time to change from one uniform to another), and managed to get into the combat class which had already started.

Jakarta Jan was teaching the first few tracks. Still flustered from the stress of parking and rampaging through Ikano, I couldn't really concentrate, and boy, as it was outdoors, it was HOT HOT HOT. The heat from the concrete ground wafted up like a barbeque. I dont know HOW yhsmom could manage so many classes. Not to mention the "survivors" who had signed up for the entire 16 hour course. Combat was fun enough, I liked the muay thai track, and it was quite fun when for the group track, all of us circled around the fountain. The Thai superstar instructor, Don, was also full of enery, as was No 1 in Tianjin. FCI and FPI were shadows. No 1 in Tianjin appeared to have injured himself by the time it was conditioning track.

The event is like the Oscars of Fitness First. The who's who of the FF world is there, both instructors and members alike. Hitherto anonymous faces on the Fever forum become real persons. Finally met No 1 in tianjin, aka Dr Combat (Terence), ...or rather, finally introduced myself to him. I've been in his classes before. Also intro-d myself to EFil, who gave me a blank look..... gee!!! I'd have thought he'd recognise me immediately. It was nice to see old familiar faces, such as Longest Instructor, (as in I've been attending his class for the longest time), Kelvin Tan, Kim, my first step instructress, Eugene, (who told me about the existence of my "twin" in Leisure Mall), Nick, (FGXC, who didnt see me waving to him), and of course, Gorgeous Woman, all the way from Hong Kong, who had incidentally injured herself doing splits, and was unable to teach.

Fellow Member with her No 1 In Tianjin

Me with FPI aka Lex Luthor

Body Balance Instructor, Balancing

Wonder Woman, aka Gorgeous Woman, spotted shopping.

Crazy People Who Pay To Exercise In the Heat

I really wanted to come back for the charity auction, and watch a bit of UNLEASHED, ( a combo of body attack, combat, jam and balance), but was pooped by the end of the day, and as the cough meds kicked in, I saw myself passing out, but NOT BEFORE getting THIS SMS. I'm so proud of my FCI, that he managed to get the highest bids in the auction. Now, surely RM500 is a good price to pay for THIS FELLOW:

PS- I wonder if there is a "curse" in the latest release. So many injuries, from Wonder Woman, to Dr Combat, and yesterday, a fellow body stepper fell off her board and was literally floored, and had to hobble out of class during body step.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

You know, I reckon the gym should start some kinda institutionalised pseudo religion; goodness knows there are enough instructors being idolised, AND, people go to the gym more religiously than they go to places of worship.

Well, for one, I think they should start confession booths, like the Roman Catholic Church. Maybe can call it the Roman Calisthenics Church or something. For people like me, who chose not to go for class yesterday just because I was lazy, can therefore go for confession, sit in a booth, like a sauna, and confess to a personal trainer, or GXI, "forgive me, for I have fallen from the path, and I did not go for my Thursday lunch time step class because I feared I would not find parking once I returned to the office. So instead, I stuffed myself with a bowl of Jamocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins". The punishment will then be meted out accordingly. "Go and do 3000 pushups, (a combo of triceps and chest will be fine) and 3000 ab crunches". ...."oh, in the steam room". That should wash away all guilt. Actually, I had every good intention of it making up by going for the RPM class at 4.45, but as the forces of evil would have it, I had to meet a client instead at 5.30pm.

Today, I am at a loss as to which class to attend. I need a good long sweat.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What A Great Pump Instructress!

I had a vague memory that she was great. But I had only attended her class once, a long time ago, when I first started doing body pump, and you know how it is, in the beginning, one is like a beggar, cant be choosers, and is definitely not so discerning or picky about who is actually up there telling you do bring it to your bra line.

Before I could become a regular in her Wednesday 4.45 slot in MJH, she was no longer teaching that slot. Yesterday, I felt fidgety, because I knew I would have to miss the normal Wed slot in MJH, in the evening, coz of some prior engagement, so when I saw that she was teaching in the Curve at lunch time, YAY, I was on the kerinchi link faster than you can say Clean and Press.

The studio was still in darkness at 12.50, but if you peered carefully, the place was already filling up. Almost like intending to lull newcomers into a false sense of security, then later on to find out the studio is full. The studio at the Curve is larger by far than the one at MJH, but it was two HUGE columns which really is a bummer. I have nearly run into these columns before, while doing superman in body attack.

Oh, before I forget, the instructress I am referring to, has been previously nickname MACHO NIPPON LADY INSTRUCTOR. (MNLI). She's great. I can imagine her as a drill sergeant. But let me clarify, she is macho is a most feminine way. Like Wonder Woman (aka Gorgeous Woman). Anyway, suffice to say, by the end of biceps, (it was that track that had NO singles, only halves and slow ups and downs), my arms were like falling off. I wonder if there has been a directive to only do California for triceps these past weeks. Every class I've been to has had that wretched song for triceps. Now, triceps dips, I figure, are hardest for people like me, who have to depend on that little stretch of muscle to bear an entire body weight. Which in my case, is probably double that of some of the twiggies that work out there.

Great class. Quite packed, for a lunchtime class. Hope to catch her again soon.

Meanwhile, on a separate development, in this "forum" known as Fitness Fever, a particular post has gone a bit overboard, with the gushing and adulation of a certain new combat instructor. I think the forum should rename itself as High Fever.... sounds like a lot of delirious overheated women on heat....or at least this particular thread on the forum....except now, we are not sure if it is male or females.....gushing over the new instructor. I really shouldn't be visiting that forum, as it makes me nauseous, but as Gorgeous Woman described this syndrome, its like a car accident...something about it makes you curious to look.....although you know its bad bad bad.