Monday, June 12, 2006

Frolicking From Gym To Gym

Well, not quite that many gyms. Since my normal combat instructor on saturday in MML is indisposed for the next one month, I had to seek other avenues. Actually, I would love to have tried body attack but all the body attacks on saturday seems to encroach into nap times, or meal times. After a quick surf of the online timetable, (how did mankind survive before these kind of conveniences?), I decided to head to the Curve for combat with this chappie, whom a certain young girl referred to as "yummy". Not for those reasons however, did I head there. There were no other "senior" instructors on the radar screen, except for this one, around those waking hours of 4 pm on a Saturday evening.

Unlike the MML crowd on Saturday evening, the Curve was packed. The demographics are somewhat different as well. I must have single handedly raised the age average to the 30-35 range. I have to say that this present combat release has kinda grown on me. I love the inordinate amount of kattas, and the "free flow" (non thematic) ness of the entire release. It helps too that so far, I've only had good/great instructors teaching it, so it hasn't marred my perception. This chappie, well, it's not hard to see why he has such a following; he's really not a bad instructor, and very personable, and I am sure aesthetically, ranks quite highly as far as instructors are concerned. So, we have a winner!!! I had a good time, and did not regret the RM5 I had to pay to troop all the way to the Curve. (RM2 Penchala Toll, RM1 car park, RM2 for fuel). Just before the conditioning , saw FSI and FFBI (future favourite balance instructor) milling about outside the studio, and FFBI signalled me to come out. He told me that I am to attend his balance class. Much as I would have loved to, I really had to head home, and promised him I'd do it next week. Hmmm, see, the thing about balance, I really can't balance. Despite the low centre of gravity, I have the sense of balance as an egg on a rhino horn. But I quite enjoy body balance though, so I guess I will give it a try next week.

Sunday - the mike of MJH/MML and this instructor, (of previously blond hair), really do not see eye to eye. The mike has singularly failed him more often than any other instructor that I've seen. Somewhere around track 6, the mike just went off. Poor chap. But his visual cue-ing isn't too bad, so the class was surprisingly smooth. Am beginning to feel the toll that body step is taking on my knees. No incidences to blog about.


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Ah! There's still hope! you know what I mean la! Haha


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