Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Body Combat Release 28

It has been described by some as "no soul", "no theme", etc etc. Some absolutely pan it. Last night, braving the flood waters from the monsoon like thunderstorm, I waded over to MJH, expecting the class to be somewhat empty, given the adverse weather conditions. But I forgot who was teaching. The most expensive "piece of meat" that was auctioned at the recent Miracle Event. My FCI!!! He the man!!! Anyway, I was number 33 on the register.

Actually, I don't mind this release at all. There are some pretty nice kattas, throughout, and I like the sidekick track with the elbow. And the cool down song, Because of You, is rather nice. Of course it helps that FCI was teaching, coz honestly, and I don't mean to sound excessively gushing, I've yet to attend a class of his where I emerged feeling shortchanged. Again, the crowded studio might have contributed to the body heat, and by extension, the propensity for sweat. Track 6 is proof that slower isn't always easier, in fact, as is often the case in these les mills programs, slower IS harder. Doing kicks in slow motion can be rather challenging if you are it mentally, or physically. No 1 in Tianjin, aka Dr Combat, even injured himself during this particular track during the launch, from probably being too perfect.

Well, the objective was achieved, a darn good sweat, enjoyable music, energetic class with lots of noise, so, no complaints at all.


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, this release isn't too bad. i like track no. 8. though the jumping kick track is nothing to shout about. i love the conditioning track as there's no push up's!!! hahah!!

At 1:39 PM, Blogger shades said...

Dr Combat just had a cramp lah... quite common when he's launch a new release :)

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous dr-combat said...

hahaha :) yeap, my left calf had a cramp. guess the most probable reason is excessive dehydration due to the humidity that day. I think I need something stronger than water / 100Plus. Drank quite a lot before class.

Track 8 Reach Out seems to be the crowd's favorite eh? Won't dis-admit that, mine too!


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