Thursday, June 01, 2006

What A Great Pump Instructress!

I had a vague memory that she was great. But I had only attended her class once, a long time ago, when I first started doing body pump, and you know how it is, in the beginning, one is like a beggar, cant be choosers, and is definitely not so discerning or picky about who is actually up there telling you do bring it to your bra line.

Before I could become a regular in her Wednesday 4.45 slot in MJH, she was no longer teaching that slot. Yesterday, I felt fidgety, because I knew I would have to miss the normal Wed slot in MJH, in the evening, coz of some prior engagement, so when I saw that she was teaching in the Curve at lunch time, YAY, I was on the kerinchi link faster than you can say Clean and Press.

The studio was still in darkness at 12.50, but if you peered carefully, the place was already filling up. Almost like intending to lull newcomers into a false sense of security, then later on to find out the studio is full. The studio at the Curve is larger by far than the one at MJH, but it was two HUGE columns which really is a bummer. I have nearly run into these columns before, while doing superman in body attack.

Oh, before I forget, the instructress I am referring to, has been previously nickname MACHO NIPPON LADY INSTRUCTOR. (MNLI). She's great. I can imagine her as a drill sergeant. But let me clarify, she is macho is a most feminine way. Like Wonder Woman (aka Gorgeous Woman). Anyway, suffice to say, by the end of biceps, (it was that track that had NO singles, only halves and slow ups and downs), my arms were like falling off. I wonder if there has been a directive to only do California for triceps these past weeks. Every class I've been to has had that wretched song for triceps. Now, triceps dips, I figure, are hardest for people like me, who have to depend on that little stretch of muscle to bear an entire body weight. Which in my case, is probably double that of some of the twiggies that work out there.

Great class. Quite packed, for a lunchtime class. Hope to catch her again soon.

Meanwhile, on a separate development, in this "forum" known as Fitness Fever, a particular post has gone a bit overboard, with the gushing and adulation of a certain new combat instructor. I think the forum should rename itself as High Fever.... sounds like a lot of delirious overheated women on heat....or at least this particular thread on the forum....except now, we are not sure if it is male or females.....gushing over the new instructor. I really shouldn't be visiting that forum, as it makes me nauseous, but as Gorgeous Woman described this syndrome, its like a car accident...something about it makes you curious to look.....although you know its bad bad bad.


At 12:48 AM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Banzai MNLI! Go Go Go!
Her greatness is beyond words!


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