Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Puberty Pump

I know it sounds a bit vulgar, but actually, it's not meant to be. I was referring to the age of the instructor in yesterday's body pump class. Actually, I would not have guessed the boy's age had I not had been told earlier, that he was a mere lad of 17. Maybe kids are growing up much faster these days. He certainly doesn't come across as being 17. I am old enough to be this boy's father.

The class was deserted at first, with only 3 participants, at the start. The instructor mumbled something about perhaps he scared them away after last week. But as the class went along, more people trickled in. Now, I personally can't get myself to enter a class if I know I've missed the warm up, unless under VERY exceptional circumstances. Maybe it's a disorder I have. Completeness is very important. Hence the need for complete sets of stuff. Books, and whatever else comes in sets. So attending a class, and missing a warm up, would make me exceedingly fidgety. Let alone missing the first 2 tracks. Well, obviously not everyone suffers from this syndrome, as by track 4, the class had reached a reasonable size.

The clean and press was that one with 4 direct C&Ps, which I wondered whether was going to completely destroy my elbow. I've found that the clean and press movement doesn't aggravate my injury as much as an upright row. The biceps track had 24 singles at the end, which proved quite challenging. Kudos to the boy for fitting in all 10 tracks in a 45 minute class. I always feel a certain gratitude to these zealots who try to accommodate as many tracks as possible, even if it meant earning them glares and dagger stares from the crowd waiting outside.

Hypothetically, if I were to rate the class, I could find little fault with it, except the distraction of youth.


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