Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can You Do It When Someone's Watching?

I meant to blog about this in the previous post, but forgot. Our dear Richelle is now literally the poster girl of Fitness First. Don't know who the guy is, but she looks darn good in the Contender series of posters. She's everywhere, even behind cubicle doors. Which poses a problem, when you, or more specifically, I, want to poo. It's quite disconcerting having a friend's face stare at you when you're ...erm, doing it. So, anyway, I had to drape my towel over the picture before I could proceed to PIP. (Poop In Peace)

Talking about Contender, there was a writeup on the Contender Combat, on Shades Blog, partially in response to my previous post. Aww Shades, I really really didnt mean to hurt ya.

Monday's pump class was extraordinarily painful for me, for some reason. I swear, those weights seems heavier than normal, so much so I actually switched plates at some point to see if maybe I picked a wrongly calibrated 5kg. It REALLY felt like dead weights. Could barely finish the chest track. Triceps dips are a constant nightmare, I really need to practise more with those. Its disgraceful when petite sweet young thangs can effortlessly do them dips, and here I am (thank God for the other chap, ...shall we just call him Christopher Reeve, since he looks a bit like him), who despite the superman exterior, also finds it hard to dippy dip all the way. Lion was moving in and out of class muttering something about having to take a client's call.

Tuesday Combat as usual. The class seemed a bit subdued without Certifiable Stevie in the room. Quite the energiser bunny he is, and one doesn't realise how much so until he's absent. Fortunately, another replacement bunny entered at about 2nd track, the mysterious Janvier, who up till then, had been an anonymous face behind a mask of lips of voluptuous proportion. I had seen them in passing at the last combat class I attended more than a month ago, when I had to make a hasty exit, so didn't really get to chat. For such a "petite" fella, they sure pack a punch in the screaming department. (They refer to their singular self as "WE" hence the they and the them). During the signature Tatu (Not Gonna Get Us) conditioning, I could feel the force was strong, but had my back (and ass) facing the studio door, but the minute I turned around, there she was, Gorgeous Woman, the Woman In Black, all poised outside to take a replacement Jam Class. I was glad I had ahem, chosen to do pushups on the toes rather than on the knees. One wouldn't want to appear too wussy in front of her.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Giving Shades False Hope

On Saturday, since Leon wasn't teaching combat, and I had to ferry the kids around in the morning like a driver, I scoured the FF schedule for a suitable class to attend. One that caught my eye was COMBAT CONTENDER, in both uptown and IOI. I sms-ed Shades to ask him what Contender Combat was..... and might have in the process given him false hope that I might make the flight to IOI Mall. I even asked him that in the hypothetical event of me going, where should I park. Actually, to be honest, there was a 50-50 chance of me going. But then, the timing just didnt seem to gel.

So, I opted for the Body Attack class in the curve, taught by Renee and Teoh. I have no regrets whatsoever, (apart from maybe misleading Shades), cos it was a fantastic class. I haven't enjoyed a class as much as I had this one for a long long time. The energy level was awesome, and the man and woman were great on stage. They had an announcement in the beginning, and Renee chirped that they were getting married, whereupon, she gave a bow and Teoh a curtsey. Xena Warrior Princess was there too, and I was surprised she knew me, and she snidely remarked, "oh, should we roll out the red carpet"...or something to that effect. Haha. I adore her. Must find an opp to attend her class.

Last Thursday, after returning from Cambodia, and 1 too many a large meal, I HAD to have some carbo, ...oops, cardio, and headed for Body Step in the evening, taught by Brian. I had attended his class once a long time ago when he was replacing someone in Manulife, and he seemed exceedingly nervous then. But this time, now that he's a regular instructor, he was fine, and the class was good. I enjoyed it, and it was a darn good workout. Actually, I felt a sharp pain on my left side, and was wondering if I was having a heart attack. Probably just a stitch.

And last Saturday, ie, two saturdays ago, on Friday night I get an sms from Lionheart saying my presence is requested at the 2nd Queen of Pain's step class, where she was team teaching with FSI. I have definitely attended her class before, and certainly didnt know why my presence would be requested, unless Lion was putting words into her mouth. Nevertheless, the timing was perfect, as there was no combat that evening. Again, it was a fantastic step class. They complement each other well. And lots of old songs. Twas hilarious, as FSI did the cool down song, some melodramatic love song. The expression on QOP's face almost made me burst out laughing. At one point, she mimicked a slapping motion, (piaks) at FSI for being such a sop!!!! Snigger. FSI is looking a tad anorexic if you ask me.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's A Miracle

I've heard so much about this legendary RPM class. The two ironladies with their imaginary whips, (I can almost hear it), with their group of subservient men, (and women) obeying every command they bark. I can imagine in the olden days, these two commanding a rowing ship, the prisoners and convicts tied with chains.......

Yeah, so it was with trepidation that I signed up (or rather, Lion signed up for me) for RPM. Then I saw the timetable and it showed a yellow label (replacement) saying Elaine. I have to admit I felt a tinge of disappointment,'s like going for a japanese buffet only to be told that there are no fresh oysters and sashimi....but before I could wallow too long, Lion trotted (or however it is that Lions walk) up to me and excitedly told me to expect a great class.

Anyway, I politely declined his invitation to sit next to him in the front row. And there they were, the Amazonian duo.....

I always have, and probably always will, hate RPM, but what makes it bearable is great music and great instructors. The energy levels in the class was amazing, and it truly was a great class. Tracks 3,4,5,6 were yikes, torture. I honestly don't know HOW some people can do that seated climb with high resistance!!! That to me is the worst.

A miracle happened. I actually had a lower back ache when I entered the class. After the class, it disappeared, because every where ELSE was even MORE painful than my back....hallelujah, what a miracle!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

3 Rounds of Pushups

Usually Body Pump instructors dont make us do pushups for all the 3 pushup tracks, ie, chest, biceps and shoulders, but YI (Young Instructor) decided to be sadomachoistic, so we were treated to lots of them. Just before the squats, he glanced down the studio and saw Lionheart still on the phone, so he muttered something about, oh well, I can give yall a slightly easier track then. Voodoo child. Ya, very easy. Faizal and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

Anyway, I recalled Sunshine saying on Saturday that she finds YI "scary", when he shouts his motivation to the class.... hahaha, him, scary? Please la. But I tell you, considering his age and all, he's a darn fine instructor. Clear cueing, enjoyable selection of music, etc. At the end of the class, Lionheart was giving his running commentary about the latest release, and how some-awe it was (opposite of awesome). Heh heh. I wouldn't know, as I missed Body Pump for a month.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Remember the days of yore, when DYNASTY was THE soap opera? If you don't then you probably do not recognise icons such as Jane Fonda either.

Yeah, anyway, since the last post, did I stick to my new year's semi resolution to go back to routine? Err, if Les Mills = Less Meals, then I must have been attending the opposite of it, More Meals.

Yhsmom very graciously hosted dinner in honor of Sunshine's birthday, at Reunion Bangsar Village II. I has mistakenly informed Leon Lai that dinner was at 7.30pm, and I myself got there at 7.45pm, thinking I was dreadfully late. But turns out, dinner was at 8pm, and factor in the Malaysian timing, no one else appeared till about 8.20pm. Megs appeared, followed by Sunshine, who didn't know the dinner was in honor of her birthday and looked shocked when we all wished her. The hostess then arrived followed by the Lion couple.

As the gym talk progressed, Megs said they should start a series called GYMNASTY, named after DYNASTY. Ah, all the reminiscing about beloved characters like Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter, and discussions about who would suit each role best. Apart from Lionheart being the default Blake Carrington, there were no clear cast characters. Who would play the Cretinous suspected illegitimate son, Adam? Or the superbitch Alexis? Or saccharine sweet but insipid Krystal Carrington? The gay son, Steven Carrington (lots of suitable candidates for this role).

But all I know is this. I think if there ever was a special award for the member who knew the MOST choreography for the Les Mills program, the undisputed crown goes to the Lionheart.

Food was excellent, the hokkien mee in particular, with the deep fried lard (chee yow char) calling out my name. Fatboy, fatboy, eat me, eat me. Afterall, since I've already not gone to the gym all week, might as well complete the iniquitous cycle of debauchery. I shall review the food in the other food blog.

At the ending of the "workout", at about a conditioning track equivalent in a time line, we brought out the cake for sunshine, who exclaimed she hadn't had a birthday cake since she was 9 or 12 or something laidat.

Oh well, one of the greatest side benefits of gymming is defintely the making of friends. For this particular lot, I guess I have Shades to be thankful to. Heh heh. And many thanks to Yhsmom for a lovely dinner.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

1 Month No Pump

I was dreading my foray back into Body Pump. But I have to make my Fitness First membership fees worthwhile. Last month, having been to all of like 3 classes, it probably worked out to RM50 per class. Tsk!!!

So, the month long hiatus from Body Pump came to an end yesterday. Quite a lot of familiar faces, but there was also a new older couple. How romantic hor, at retirement age to go to gym with your wife and do classes together gether. Shudder. Oh, the other couple (not old) who used to come, I think have defected to True Fitness because of their really cheap rates, and apparently the Jaya 33 one even has a nice pool. But nothing like the camaraderie of the classmates in FF, with the charge led by Lionheart.

Lionheart was stuck outside the gym in deep conversation, and came in just in time for the chest track. I salute the fella. I doubt I would attempt a pump class without warm up. Especially with those kind of superhuman weights. Having missed the new (latest) release completely, I have no idea which tracks were old or new. Now, I have concluded its not the first class that you go for after a long break that hurts the most. It's the 2nd class. Coz after a month, the muscles and fats are well rested, and it doesnt hurt immediately. But the next day, OMIGOSH!!!!! I was surprised I could complete my most dreaded track, biceps, and ALMOST managed to complete lunges without buckling.

Quite a nice feeling getting back into routine again.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Class of The Year

Drum who has the distinction of being my first instructor for 2008, and who was the last for 2007?

I think I went for one Saturday class (where Shades was replacing Leon Lai in Curve) at Manulife, coz I couldn't make it on time to Curve. Something like that. Anyway, Kenny was last minute replaced by Sylvester's friend.....yeth, you heard me right...

The new step release, (it's amazing how I just completely lost interest in the gym all of December....missed the new pump release altogether, and managed to catch the tail end of the step release) has music that really is our time. ("our" meaning Lionheart, yhsmom, sunshine and me). Great music. Cant remember much of that last class for 07.

Yesterday, decided to go for Combat. IFKAS' class. (Instructor Formerly Known As Sidekick). Traffic was mad, and he was a bit late. Lion was there for the Ironwomen's Duet of Pump, so chatted awhile after that, since the studio was empty. Having not done combat in over 3 weeks, it was thoroughly exhausting, and I didn't recall the conditioning having 48 crunches at the end. Yikes, I dread going for body pump after a month's hiatus. Shudder.

Have also been walking a lot up Kiara Hill, coz am hoping to do Mount Kinabalu this year.