Monday, January 28, 2008

Giving Shades False Hope

On Saturday, since Leon wasn't teaching combat, and I had to ferry the kids around in the morning like a driver, I scoured the FF schedule for a suitable class to attend. One that caught my eye was COMBAT CONTENDER, in both uptown and IOI. I sms-ed Shades to ask him what Contender Combat was..... and might have in the process given him false hope that I might make the flight to IOI Mall. I even asked him that in the hypothetical event of me going, where should I park. Actually, to be honest, there was a 50-50 chance of me going. But then, the timing just didnt seem to gel.

So, I opted for the Body Attack class in the curve, taught by Renee and Teoh. I have no regrets whatsoever, (apart from maybe misleading Shades), cos it was a fantastic class. I haven't enjoyed a class as much as I had this one for a long long time. The energy level was awesome, and the man and woman were great on stage. They had an announcement in the beginning, and Renee chirped that they were getting married, whereupon, she gave a bow and Teoh a curtsey. Xena Warrior Princess was there too, and I was surprised she knew me, and she snidely remarked, "oh, should we roll out the red carpet"...or something to that effect. Haha. I adore her. Must find an opp to attend her class.

Last Thursday, after returning from Cambodia, and 1 too many a large meal, I HAD to have some carbo, ...oops, cardio, and headed for Body Step in the evening, taught by Brian. I had attended his class once a long time ago when he was replacing someone in Manulife, and he seemed exceedingly nervous then. But this time, now that he's a regular instructor, he was fine, and the class was good. I enjoyed it, and it was a darn good workout. Actually, I felt a sharp pain on my left side, and was wondering if I was having a heart attack. Probably just a stitch.

And last Saturday, ie, two saturdays ago, on Friday night I get an sms from Lionheart saying my presence is requested at the 2nd Queen of Pain's step class, where she was team teaching with FSI. I have definitely attended her class before, and certainly didnt know why my presence would be requested, unless Lion was putting words into her mouth. Nevertheless, the timing was perfect, as there was no combat that evening. Again, it was a fantastic step class. They complement each other well. And lots of old songs. Twas hilarious, as FSI did the cool down song, some melodramatic love song. The expression on QOP's face almost made me burst out laughing. At one point, she mimicked a slapping motion, (piaks) at FSI for being such a sop!!!! Snigger. FSI is looking a tad anorexic if you ask me.


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