Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's A Miracle

I've heard so much about this legendary RPM class. The two ironladies with their imaginary whips, (I can almost hear it), with their group of subservient men, (and women) obeying every command they bark. I can imagine in the olden days, these two commanding a rowing ship, the prisoners and convicts tied with chains.......

Yeah, so it was with trepidation that I signed up (or rather, Lion signed up for me) for RPM. Then I saw the timetable and it showed a yellow label (replacement) saying Elaine. I have to admit I felt a tinge of disappointment,'s like going for a japanese buffet only to be told that there are no fresh oysters and sashimi....but before I could wallow too long, Lion trotted (or however it is that Lions walk) up to me and excitedly told me to expect a great class.

Anyway, I politely declined his invitation to sit next to him in the front row. And there they were, the Amazonian duo.....

I always have, and probably always will, hate RPM, but what makes it bearable is great music and great instructors. The energy levels in the class was amazing, and it truly was a great class. Tracks 3,4,5,6 were yikes, torture. I honestly don't know HOW some people can do that seated climb with high resistance!!! That to me is the worst.

A miracle happened. I actually had a lower back ache when I entered the class. After the class, it disappeared, because every where ELSE was even MORE painful than my back....hallelujah, what a miracle!!!!


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