Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Class of The Year

Drum who has the distinction of being my first instructor for 2008, and who was the last for 2007?

I think I went for one Saturday class (where Shades was replacing Leon Lai in Curve) at Manulife, coz I couldn't make it on time to Curve. Something like that. Anyway, Kenny was last minute replaced by Sylvester's friend.....yeth, you heard me right...

The new step release, (it's amazing how I just completely lost interest in the gym all of December....missed the new pump release altogether, and managed to catch the tail end of the step release) has music that really is our time. ("our" meaning Lionheart, yhsmom, sunshine and me). Great music. Cant remember much of that last class for 07.

Yesterday, decided to go for Combat. IFKAS' class. (Instructor Formerly Known As Sidekick). Traffic was mad, and he was a bit late. Lion was there for the Ironwomen's Duet of Pump, so chatted awhile after that, since the studio was empty. Having not done combat in over 3 weeks, it was thoroughly exhausting, and I didn't recall the conditioning having 48 crunches at the end. Yikes, I dread going for body pump after a month's hiatus. Shudder.

Have also been walking a lot up Kiara Hill, coz am hoping to do Mount Kinabalu this year.


At 1:10 AM, Blogger Janvier said...

We...have yet to get back to classes. December was holidays!

At 3:59 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Ironwomen's Duet of Pump!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I luv dat name to death!!! Indeed! You should try the Ironwomen's Duet of RPM too! Dat was one ride to hell...nothing short of it!!! Darn good music tho! As one of the members in the Wed 6.45pm class said "I thot we were doing Trk 7 by the time we hit Trk 3!!!" Yeah...dat much fun!!! Hey, FBB, you need to come up with a name for the one half of the Ironwomen, whom you havent "baptised" yet!!! Wat name ar????


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