Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still A Fearsome Squat Instructor, FSI

I had to miss YI's pump class on Monday because..... gosh, I can't for the life of me remember why. Must have been laziness. Or fear of pain. I dunno. But Lionheart said it was a wussy session. (then again, his standard of wussy and mine are different) So on Tuesday, I felt a need, as a guilty person feels the need for confession, to attend a pump class to make up for my iniquity of sloth.

Secretly, I harbored the thought that the Dreamgirls Minus One Pump team on Tuesday at Manulife is probably somewhat easier than PFPI's on Friday and YI's on Monday. Since FCI was away holidaying in Bali, and I had the Beowulf Premiere to attend (in Gold Class, no less...I finally lost my Gold Class Virginity), Pump at 5.40pm was the obvious choice. Actually dear Shades had sms-ed me to utilise my passport since FCI wasn't teaching, and attend his combat in DU. Sigh, it would almost appear that I am avoiding the guy, but it just so happens our stars are not aligned in the cosmos just yet, and there was no way I could have attended his class.

Anyway, one of the Dreamgirls was missing, leaving only the soloist, FSI. I forgot about his previous moniker, ie, Fearsome Squat Instructor. Anything to do with legs, the guy is Hannibal Lechter. Ruthless, cannibalistic and a killer. With a bit of Voodoo thrown in as well. I usually CAN complete the lunge tracks, albeit with difficulty, but after the 5th bottom half, I thought my legs were going to give way. I wasn't the only one. Also, don't you just LURVE it when you see newbies, first timers, carry 5kg weights for biceps....thinking to themselves, "ah, 5kg for biceps should be no prob".....nyeahahahahahah. I just wait for the expression of shocked pain. And the funny thing is, the instructors dont seem to say anything either. I bet there is a secret sadistic streak to them.

Yesterday, I thought I'd go for IFKAS (Instructor Formerly Known as Sidekick....Lion remarked that it sounded like a type of IKEA furniture...I said it sounded like some government department......) class, as I had to rush for dinner at Trader's Hotel. He was very adventurous, trying out some first time tracks that he had just learnt half an hour before. Okay lah, the class was rather forgiving, despite the few hiccups. Which actually, had International Prince of Divas been the one in the situation, he would have seamlessly weaved back into the correct choreo, unnoticed except by the Les Mills High Inquisitors like Lionheart who knows every choreo move, just by listening to the first bar of the song.



For starters, it took me a good 5 minutes to realise the movie was entirely or at least 98% CGI-ed!!!! They characters looked so real ..... and I guess the faces are based on the real faces of Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie and Ray Winstone .....but the bodies were definitely CGI-ed as we were treated to full nude frontals of Angelina Jolie as the She Monster from Hell, and Ray Winstone's full well toned butt as he was strangling the monster Grendel.

Story wise, it follows the ancient legend of Beowulf, and as far as I know, stuck quite closely to the story. I love any movie with dragons, (not the wussy type in Shrek, but real evil fire breathing dragons), and monsters and civilised outposts in barren landscapes, (like the White City of Gondor.....). The theme is that there is retribution, as our descendants pay for the sins of their fathers. Moral of the story is, don't screw with Angelina Jolie. Or rather, don't screw Angelina tempting as it may be. I'm sure Jennifer Aniston shared that sentiment.

So Shades, yeah, probably quite up your alley. Lots of blood and gore and lovely violence.



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