Thursday, October 11, 2007

3 Classes in 25 hours

It's not an achievement for many, but for me, it IS!!! Tuesday, Pumbat, (pump + combat) and Wednesday RPM.

Having missed YI's class on Monday (contrary to Sunshine's declaration that I never miss that class), I was having my withdrawal symptoms of body pump, which is weird, considering I don't enjoy it. It's like having my oatbran in the morning. It's vile, its disgusting, but after years of eating it, or drinking it, I feel kinda naked if I don't. You know the feeling, that tingling sense of guilt.

So, since the baking business has been slow-ish, I could make my way to the gym at 5.25pm for pump, immediately after work. Kenny and FSI were teaching, it is their usual spot. Richelle mumbled something about "oh, why when I taught this slot you never came?"....Oh, I forgot to mention, last week, for FSI's step class, the class seemed full, with no more step boards left, but FSI left the studio to go somewhere and lo and behold, came back with another step board. Does he keep one in his locker?

I was impressed with FSI's weights. 8½ kg for chest. However, he spent about 1/5th of the class standing and demonstrating.....pah!!! I wonder if all the weights and bars are calibrated properly. I swear some 5kg weights feel heavier than others, especially in Richelle's class. Yar, so while we were doing the chest track, I saw FCI outside, making signals at me as to why I so weak, only carrying 7.5kg. I'll have you know, I've got an elbow injury that hasnt healed since last year, and I am merely swallowing the pain.

Kenny's biceps track was a real killer. Lionheart wasn't there, or he'd have approved. The good/bad thing about doing the full hour class is, you know there's no chance of missing a track, unlike YI's 45 minute class.

Combat: Shades was supposed to be assessing FCI, but was caught in a jam, and only appeared at about track 3. Gave some hogwash about having to come all the way to Manulife to see ME. Ya right.

FCI's class was unusually empty, and rather subdued. Were it not for Certifiable Steve, it would have been VERY quiet. Me, winded from Pump, could only manage an occasional mistimed shout. He loves doing that "do you remember your choreo" thing, whenever we switch sides to left leg in front. There was one track, were almost everyone forgot what the move was. Goes to show, we are mindless people attending a workout BECAUSE there is an instructor to guide us. Most of us anyway. People like Lionheart are walking talking Les Mills dictionaries.

Since FCI has stopped making snide Leon IPOD remarks, there isn't much side entertainment in class. I guess he could sing, "I'm not there for your entertainment". Oh, he almost fell during the jinga, which made me wonder if history would repeat itself, as in Leon fell when Shades was there assessing him. Snigger. But FCI has a much lower centre of gravity, and is therefore more stable.

Wednesday, making sure I didn't bump into FSI to change my mind and go for Step instead of RPM, I resolutely headed to the RPM studio, which was also quite empty. Horny was at the bike, I admire her, I think she was fasting, as she only drank at around buka time.

Darn good sweat in RPM, just what I needed. But the pain, the PAIN. Oh, it amazes me how I can still walk the next day. I think seated climbs are probably the worst. Great selection of music though. My only comfort was that at 7.25, when I knew our pain was almost at an end, I knew that in Body step the pain was just about to peak with the speed track and track 10.


At 2:29 PM, Blogger gymbunni said...

Good on you, all this during the fasting month, my friend nearly fainted the other day attempting a cardio class while fasting - that is quite a feat.

Pump after a hiatus will stay on your legs for a while - good luck ;)

At 4:04 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

i still don't get the 'porn' bit in his nick?

At 1:48 AM, Anonymous lionheart said... mean YI's new nickname? Aiyo...since FBB couldn't blog it, I oso couldn't say it lor....Will tell you in person next week has got so much more oomph compared to "YI".

At 1:42 PM, Blogger M@njAkid said...

wei... i did the biceps lah!!!!

At 1:44 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

eh, this was LAST WEEK lah, not yesterday.


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