Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There Are Some Things You Just Can't Say On A Blog

...................such as the new nickname bestowed upon YI. At first I thought it was coined by Lionheart, but apparently, no. I shall leave it to appear in the comment section, so that I will not be held responsible for libel.

The ballad writing continues, the latest once again by our illustrious Shades.

Yesterday's Body Pump was very quiet. There was but a single rose, (real one la), amidst the thorns. Its the 3rd week of the new release, (translation: my 3rd time doing it), and those pullovers don't seem that bad anymore. Nor do the pulses in the biceps track. But what I still cant do is the pushup on the bar. Firstly, its seems to really hurt my palms. Despite putting two mats so that my knees are not ground into the floor, still just cant do it. I also cant be bothered with that extra donut option in the chest track.

Missed Leon's class on Saturday, because was attending a cupcake decorating course. I heard from Sunshine that it was a fabulous class, because the Phoenix was team teaching with Leon. Lion heart suggested that the team name be Kok and Phoenix.

Saturday night was Body Fat, with all the F instructors.

Talking about Body Fat, this is the MOST orgasmic charsiu ever ever....made by Lionheart himself. Oozing with the richness of lard, the most gorgeous caramelised sauce, this melt in the mouth piece of sin is equivalent to 1 hour of RPM per bite, I reckon. Which means I am now about 20 RPM sessions in debt.

Spiderman here is reminiscing with Boy Robin of their superhero days, but Boy Robin has since relinquished the title of BR, and calls himself HOBBES now, modelled after the famous comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. Here we have them both.....

Sunshine and Megs made their debut at this dinner..... Alas, usually conversations at dinners such as these, falls into the SAME category as the title of this blog. Suffice to say, the laughter was loud enough for observers upstairs to comment the next day, "wah, you all had a good time we see".

True to form, IPOD, International Prince of Divas, as FCI says, either comes late, or leaves early, in true diva fashion.

We have here diva giving his royal wave, goodbye to all.

Orgasmic Charsiu, Single Malt whiskey, the company of good friends, uproarious laughter, what more can a person ask for.


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