Wednesday, August 22, 2007

FCI gets Gwen Stefani, We Get Leon, International Prince of Divas

When I sms-ed Lionheart to ask him if this was the first time he's attending FDI's combat, he said, "yup, it's the first time I am attending his concert"....

Anyway, as the title is self explanatory, FCI left his fans in a lurch for Gwen. A girl I met in the lift positively gave a face of contempt when she heard FCI wasn't teaching. I assuaged her telling her that the replacement was very good too.

When the class first started, it really did seem as if FCI's regular hardcore fans had packed up and left coz it seemed a bit empty. Leon was late by a couple of minutes, which allowed the crowds to trickle in, and by the time he had finished the warm up, it was almost as full as FCI's normal class. Oh, and prior to the class, FCI was seen lurking around the gym....and of course, yours truly got accused of harboring a look of indescribable joy at the prospect of having Leon teach that evening. Some people have an imagination as fertile as a Catholic woman with 17 children.

That song, Back in The UK, kinda grows on you actually. I didnt like it when it was first released, but am beginning to rather enjoy it. IPOD made a couple of bloopers, but I doubt anyone actually noticed it. He was very serious in the first few tracks, the only humour thrown in was, "I have a message for you all from someone. SHOW ME THE LURVE".

Other highlights in the last few weeks, that fell into the week of no blogging, include the arrival of Gorgeous Woman for the quarterlies. She team taught Body Step, and I made that long journey to the Curve specially to see her. She, together with Richelle, and Kilograms, oh, hangon, I think it was the imperial, Ton, boasted a marvellous performance of the next step release. As usual, who can top that crisp, clear, precise cue-ing that really makes GW one of the all time greats. Even Lion said her combat class was great. (back in those days)


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