Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Suck Your Tummy In....In Case You Topple Over

Such a dilemma. The plantar fascitis was just about healing, and I could still feel a mild pain, but faced with the conundrum of, should I attend FCI's class and risk further aggravating the foot, OR, listen to the endless droning of FCI about oh, can attend Leon's class even though injured lah, etc etc...

Yhsmom suggested I do the (pregnancy) options, and Leon suggested I rest. Thing about combat is, if you do the options, it's SO obvious you're slacking. Anyway, at 6pm, I was still undecided. Actually, we were at Pantai Hospital visiting a newborn baby, and didn't look like I could make it on time anyway. But, somehow missing FCI's class on Tuesday, ......just makes the day so incomplete, so when I got back home at 6.25pm, I decided, what the heck, and asked wife to drop me off at the gym, so I wouldn't have to waste time parking. The gym seems to be less crowded these days. Either FF is losing out to the competition, OR, its that time of the year. Long stretch of no public holidays, everyone's sick of work, and working out. Yhsmom postulated that the busiest times in gym are immediately after CNY, Raya and Xmas breaks. But no matter how empty, FCI's class always has a respectable quorum.

Twas nice to see so many familiar faces there. Lionheart, yhsmom, Megs, Sunshine, (still partially incapacitated), Tall Girl, Certifiable Steve the sound blaster, Merv, Ah Girl..... FCI gave me this skeptical sneering look, as if my leg injury was fake. Even made an announcement to that effect. "those who claim their legs are injured may take the easy option", or something like that. B***H. For one track, he announced, looking in my direction, SUCK IN YOUR TUMMY IN CASE YOU TOPPLE OVER. Anyway, further to last week's post about his obsession with Leon, he only made on reference to Youkh, where he said, "Do It For You!!!!".

According to yhsmom, it was theatrical the way I exited the class, by apparently proclaiming bravo and limping out. Not intentional.

Monday's pump, YI was late late late. Also, very few people, only 5 of us. Lots of the usual faces missing, though hardcores like Lion were carrying 20kg on each side for squats. He must have thighs and buns of steel!!!! Biceps was the killer, but mercifully, since he was late, he couldnt finish 10 tracks (it is a 45 minute class anyway, and anything above the prescribed is a bonus, so can't complain), and skipped lunges.


At 3:30 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Loved your exit! Very Shakespearian in the vein of Richard the Third as you hobbled off with towel over shoulder after declaring, "Bravo!" in a regal but subtle tone! Inspired by your ex-FCI's thespian efforts perhaps?
Lion, me & Sunshine thought you looked so kesian, valiantly doing the slow knee ups while the rest of us were running on the spot at top speed.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger SC said...

Hehehe...suck your tummy case you topple over..hehehe. Too bad I missed that, I'd have toppled over from laughter!

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Bravo was for....Andrea Bocelli?!!

Diva jam today @ curve, yhsmom?

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous lionheart said... definitely had me toppled over with your shouts "hiak hiak hiak" hilarious and sarckeee....hahahahaha dat you mentioned it, I can definitely see a similarity in FBB's "aura" and his x-FCI...soooo drama...

At 2:56 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Sunshine: Yup! Will be there but have to leave before the end as have to do 9pm replacement at MJH


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