Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Very Crowded For Four Forty Five

I often wonder who are these men who can attend a 4.45pm body pump class, or any other class for that matter. They must fall into one of a few categories: 1. self employed, ie, self boss, 2. students, 3. unemployed or in between jobs, 4. on mc, 5. in sales.

Anyway, I saw Lion at the foyer at about 4.25. That guy is darn busy one, it took him 20 minutes to weave his way from the foyer up to the studio. The good thing about a period of new release is, you know the syllabus, and they cant make it any harder (or easier) just because Lionheart is in the class. A surprise attendee was Megs, who doesnt normally appear at this time slot.

For the squat track, two people were carrying that insane weight of 17.5 kg on each side, ie, Lionheart and Jay. (who is sporting a new more kempt hairdo. He previously had enough hair flopping around to start a wig shop). I motioned to Megs that "they're mad" sign, when she gave a look of complete disbelief. This particular squat track is very cardio intensive, and I find myself sweating as if I'd done a run on the treadmill, after the track. I guess this is why body pump cant be prescribed as an alternative for weights workout, as its probably very cardio. Lionheart plonked on an extra kg on YI's bar for chest. Heh heh, who's the instructor and who's the instructee, sometimes one wonders.

Maria Von Trapp (or Rogers and Hammerstein) would turn in their graves to know their Lonely Goatherd song was used as a torture weapon. Lei ode lei ode lei hee hoo. I guess it is that new move, the whatchamayacallit, that is the real killer. Take that out of the equation, and the track is really not that bad. Megs didnt even bother attempting the triceps pushups after that evil first part of the track. Biceps was easy enough. No Kit Kat though.

Lunges. It was interesting to note that not a SINGLE MAN there, save for the instructor, took the option of using weights for lunges. Some gallant females did do it with weights. It cannot possibly be a good thing for the knee, this lunge on the board thingo. Or does it actually strengthen the knee?

I hate the shoulder track as well. But I couldn't jolly well carry 1kg on each side, when even the first timer started off with 2.5kg. And that conditioning track, .... Words escape me. I must make it a point to try this release under horny and richelle.


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new phrase for no breaks? like that.


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