Monday, June 18, 2007


I realise now that I dislike crowds with a passion. First was the stress of having to get a carpark in the Curve. Actually, not all the traffic in that area was generated by this event. On its own right, the Curve seems to be packed on weekends.

Miracle 2007 was held in the lower ground area of cineleisure, next to the Curve. With so much music blaring in all directions, I wasn't sure which was what. Found my way to the correct venue, and saw a body attack class in progress. Looked good, I have to say. But there didn't seem to be many people at all. Not to mention, I didnt recognise any of the instructors.

As I was making my way down the escalator, bumped into shades, (you can view more pics of the launch on his blog) who was peering over my back, as I was sms-ing FCI. He snidely remarked, "I guess you're here for FCI".... "of course not", I replied, "I'm here to see all of you guys". And that was probably the truth. When else do you get all the "greats" in one stage. However, what I didnt know was, it was also a nike tribe thingie. 3 teams took 3 of the tracks.

Tracks 1-2 were by Renee, 3 was by a tribe, 4 was by shades, 5 by no 1 in tianjin, 6 & 7 were done by respective tribes, 8 by crystal, and 9&10 by FCI. The cooldown track actually allowed him to showcase his artistic-ness.

Anyway, all the guy combat instructors had their hair painted white, something like skunks, except in a weird pattern of concentric circles, that resembled target practice, or something. For the jinga track, the people kept going further and futher back, so much so I must have drifted at least 5 metres from my original starting point. The makeshift carpet was quite slippery as well.

We were supposed to vote for the best tribe. As a matter of principle, I didnt cast my vote because I felt the allocation of tracks deemed it a bit unfair to judge impartially. Naturally, the tribe showcasing the muay thai track had more to show, as opposed to the tribe that only had a power track. I'm not sure who won in the end.

FCI and me

Note the design of concentric circles on FCI's head.

FCI and Star Wars Primate

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At 3:56 PM, Blogger shades said...

Actually only FCI had the weird pattern of concentric circles.... and the rest of the team(incl. the gals) had random lines....

At 4:33 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Ohhh, FCI looks so handsome in the pic with you...the white hair tips add character to his head ala George Clooney!

And the top view with the circles in Shades blog reminds me of the fur hats the Russian guards wear in the deep winters!

At 11:39 PM, Blogger ladynina said...

some of my friends said the same thing too. they moved further back as the session went on. hmmm.. i kinda learned from last Miracle. i was at the middle center and the same thing happened to me. end up, i cant follow them due to my short sighted-ness.

so this time around, i pick 2nd row from in front. even if i drifted to the back, it wont be that bad. heehee...


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