Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Aching Now

Am paying the price of my sloth over the last few weeks. The return to pump has rendered me nearly paralysed. I am aching in every conceivable place. My chest feels like I'm on the brink of heart attack, my thighs ....god forbid I should need to use a public squat loo in the next 24 hours, my arms, ....the baby will just to forego her usual being carried in daddy's arms for today.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little, but heck, I am in pain. When I first got to the studio, Riyo and Teoh were practising what looked very much like Body Jam moves, but apparently it was body step. Wow, it looks jammy!!! Their launch was at 6.45pm, too late for me, as I had to attend the opening gala of URMI, a local production of the Tempest, where exFCI was acting in. It was surprisingly very good, and his thespianic skills have certainly improved....but let me not digress.

So ya, YI was late, (actually the MJH clocks are also about 5 minutes fast), so when the clock showed 4.55, FSI very kindly took over the warm up while waiting. I am impressed that he knows the pump choreography at the back of his head, and was a super-natural at it. I half expected him to say, okay, lets warm up with a track of body step. But then again, he IS a qualified pump instructor.

Truth be told, I was relieved that YI was late, which meant he couldnt stuff all the 10 tracks into the 45 minute class like he usually does. Appreciative as I am of that mega effort, I was in too much pain, and almost did cartwheels, if my physique had allowed, when he skipped lunges. Also, he muttered when he first arrived, "oh, Lionheart isn't here, so don't worry..." and yar, boy was he right. Without Lionheart there, the bar is lowered, ...figuratively. I was probably the heaviest weight for clean and press. And YI's 12.5kg was the highest for squats, in the class. Again, I was relieved that Lionheart wasnt there..... to add to our pain. I did see him entering the gym as I was leaving though, presumably attending the Launches.

Brrr, tonight combat.


At 6:49 PM, Anonymous ladynina said...

ooo... r u referring to Rock This Party? they have that track in the new BS and new BP as well. in new BS it looks like body jam a bit. heehee...

At 1:08 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

FBB..yalor. Attending Launches on Monday. U know I normally shy away from Launches of any sort, but no choice lah. Have been hibernating 4 the past few days, so have to shake off a bit of that fat. Despite my adversity to Launches in general, I have to admit that I lurvvee the new BS Release 68. Yay...finally. It was fun, and painful. I enjoyed it thoroughly, of coz minus the diva-ish BJ moves in Tracks 7 (I think Rock This Party) and 8 (Strut by Sheena Easton, or as FSI wud like it, the late Anita Mui's version of "Yew Looi"). Bah...can never groove lah. My fav was track 9 (Adam Ant's Ant Music). On the whole, great music. FSI and MNLI really did a great job. Although I cannot do the jam moves, but they were really entertaining strutting their stuff. Ooh, BP also nice, but not nearly as nice as BS tho. Tricep (Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani) was a real killer. After the 4 pull overs, it was so painful, completing the french presses, and push ups some more??? Lunges also difficult. As expected, Sue P and Richelle practically brought the house down with that class...


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