Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Non Gym, Gym Day

Why the strange title? Well, coz I didn't go to the gym, but had a lot to DO with the gym folk. I was all poised to go for combat, when at 5.45pm, the fan stopped rotating, and the time on the astro box disappeared. Being the trained rocket scientist that I am, I realised, oh, a blackout. But I wasn't sure of the extent of the blackout. A routine check showed that the fuse box hadn't tripped, so I headed outdoors, and noticed the neighbour couldn't get her autogate opened....

But I of course, am more organised, and have the autogate key. Click click turn turn....hmm, cannot open. The realisation that I was trapped was too much for me. The thought of missing combat with FCI YET AGAIN!!!!!! Twas like a spear through the heart. Then, to my delight, I got this sms from SC.

So, it looked like the blackout was quite extensive. Called evil twin to find out if where he was had a blackout, but turns out he was in New Delhi. Not much use. Bangsar apparently was not affected, as a Bangsarian sms-ed in reply saying, "of course got electricity la, Bangsar is a classy area, not like Damansara".

I then sms-ed FCI, telling him I was trapped as autogate won't open. He thinks I'm brilliant enough to conjure up such unique excuses, and replies, "GOOD 1 LA". Anyway, I asked SC if it was possible that class will go on without electricity, and this was her reply.

Meanwhile, yhsmom was bemoaning the fact that her freesex class in Millennium was also scrapped for the same reasons. I told her about the possibility of FCI singing the entire track, and this was her response.

Anyway, as fate would have it, electricity came on just before the class was due to start, by which time it was too late for me to go, and anyway, SC warned me that the parking was chaos and mayhem after the blackout.

Then, it was time for dinner with Gorgeous Woman, who's in town for the quarterlies. Missed seeing Big Ben, legendary instructor from the republic down south, this round. Anyway, we met up for dinner at Siu Siu.... after a flurry of emails, I found out that my original venue, Siu Siu at the end of the Sg Besi Airport runway, was closed on Tuesdays, so we had to revert to the original Siu Siu in the Jungle, in Robson Heights.

Twas nice to have the usual suspects there. Mr & Mrs Lionheart, yhsmom, FDI, FCI, FGXC, PFPI (probationary favourite pump instructor), aka Richelle, and of course, guest of honor GW from BKK. Shades smsed at the last minute to say he had been taken ill..... these are also the quartelies for updates on gym gossip. FSI and Boy Robin couldn't make it.

Well, I had a great time, and it was wonderful to see everyone again.

Monday pump with YI was great. That boy's class is getting progressively harder. And with hardcores like Lionheart in the class.....well, what can I say. For a 4.45pm class, it is rather packed. Don't these people have to work?


At 12:51 AM, Blogger benjamin said...

aiyah why still so shy lah, keep covering your face with colours streaks :)

wish could've stayed a few more days and hung out with you guys... there's always next quarter :)

by the way, been a lurker for the past few months :) not commented cos nothing much to add to your fabulous posts lah! :)

ben (not legendary at all *heehee)


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