Friday, April 27, 2007

Waning Interest

Recently, my interest in blogging about gym and going to the gym has waned to almost ICU levels. I certainly am not obsessed with classes as I was say a year ago, and definitely will not change social schedules (if any) to revolve around classes anymore. Oh dear!!!! Maybe I need Less Les Mills for now.

Anyway, having said that, I still love it as a form of forced exercise. Lacking the discipline to plod on the treadmill, and not being able to afford personal training, at least the classes force you into a regime, and they are generally rather fun.

Most of my friends, who know me for my fidgetiness are amazed that I've stuck with it for so long. Oh dear, what a terrible feeling it is to be jaded. As Evita asked General Peron, Where Do We Go From Here? ....How do we keep all our passions alive?

A tad melancholic. Where IS lionheart anyway? I havent seen/heard from him lately!

On Wednesday, decided to go for BODY STEP. As usual, FSI feigned a shock look to see me there. He insisted that everyone, unless they had some serious medical condition, raise their stepboard up a level, to the intermediate level. The entire process, of ensuring the recalcitrant ponteng-ers complied, took a good five minutes, as he stood watching like a prison matron.

Great class as usual. Strange strange strange combination of people, if you ask me. He (FSI) looked fresh as a daisy, ....he later on mumbled that he had just woken up. Ah, the life of the tai tai, afternoon naps, shake shake shake, ..... during one of the tracks, he was saying, chest proud, so I chipped in Kenny's classic line, "nipples face forward".... and another smart alec like me chipped in "and navel sucked in"....

Yesterday decided to utilise my newly bought new balance running shoes, so did the rounds in Lake Gardens. Took the Carcosa route....another chubby lad was jogging, a lot faster than me, and as passed me, gave a chirpy hallo. I think chubby people are generally jollier.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger SC said...

I too had a waning of interest in the gym...we all go through that, then return to the gym, bright eyed and bushy tailed! ( Normally after feeling guilty that we'd gained some weight)


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