Monday, April 23, 2007

Curve's Getting Stressful

Mad rush on Saturday, to get to the Curve, as I had to drop of a couple of cakes there, and get to combat on time. It's amazing how one earlier delay in the day can set off a chain of events that results on every thing else being turned into chaos.

The last cake drop was done at about 4.50pm, rendering me late already for combat. Nevertheless, perserverance is my middle name, so I braved the steady stream of cars entering the carpark, (the whole loop around the Curve resembled a cholesterol filled artery....totally clogged), only to find myself inhaling CO fumes for a good 15 minutes, bu which time, I reckoned the class should be up to track 6 if I could at all find a carpark, so had to make the command decision to abandon FDI's combat, and exit while I could still make it out for free. So, managed to sprint to the nearest autopay, and got away FOC. It would have been most disconcerting to have had to pay the usual RM4 for toll, both ways, and RM2 for carparking and STILL dont get to go for combat. Anyway, so despondent, dejected and disappointed, I headed home, resigning myself to no exercise for the day.

Then, it dawned on me, I had subconsciously noticed on Wednesday (Herny's pump class) that the Saturday evening slot at MJH, vacated by Nikeboy, was being taught by Sidekick. Being a new instructor and all, he certainly has been getting a lot of exposure. I've seen him team teach with FDI before, so he was no stranger. So, I thought I'd head over to old familiar territory. The numbers for that class remain constant. Comfortable. My old "classmates" were still there, people like Atlas, etc. Sidekick looked surprised to see me.

Anyway, it was a good class. Rather intensive selection. Apart from the Stuck on You, most of the stuff was from more recent releases. Keep up the goodwork Sidekick, you're doing a great job, especially for a newbie.


At 2:35 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Parking was horrendous last sat. Your presence was missed. I was early, i circled for 20mins, got into a tussle for a spot and finally parked right at the other end of the carpark.

FDI was sick, poor thing.But it was a good class. The song selection was very good, tuneful and high intensity, with pink, we will rock you, the hearbeat goes boom boom boom song, paradise city, and finally the patrizio song.


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