Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Haven't Seen Him Since Before CNY

Finally, I managed to get a free Tuesday to attend FCI's class. FSI who saw me at the entrance, expressed utter shock that I haven't seen FCI for that long. Of course, he noted that I somehow made it a point to be at the Curve every Saturday. Well, ...I dunno what he meant, but if he was implying that I was partial to FDI's combat class over FCI's...err... no la, just timing off. In fact, plus last saturday, I will be missing from the Curve for 3 consecutive Saturdays, as I'm off for Qing Ming this Sat, and Kampar next Sat.

FCI was a bit late. After a long long time no see, finally saw Megs... I think I havent seen her since Christmas. Actually, it feel like I haven't been to the class for a long time. Usually, if you miss a couple of weeks, it doesn't feel like a long time, but this time, it did. Lots of new unfamiliar faces, so it was quite nice to see the usual faces, such as ex Combat Instructor, (Sop Fan), Certifiable Steve, Megs, Lady Nina, and the tall girl who always stands in front, and the other girl who always acknowledges me, and vice versa, but I dunno her name.

It being 3 weeks since the launch, FCI did old tracks, which is a pity, coz this meant I didnt get to try the new release with him. That's a first, since he started re-teaching in MJH. (ie, early last year). But the old tracks were great, including my favourite track 4, the Rock me Amadeus, and track 6...dunno what its called, but it mentions Joe DiMaggio. (I think from 2 releases ago). And the We Will Rock You muay thai. The young people of today don't seem to shout as much. The class was rather quiet, despite the numbers. He did his trademark TATU No gonna get us for conditioning, which must be one of the longest conditioning tracks ever.

Yesterday, I went for RPM. It was a choice between Jogging in lake gardens, (but it was SOOOOO HOT), body step (but that class is sooo packed), and RPM (which I hate). FDI told me to take the least of all the evils, ie RPM. Dunno how he concluded that. Anyway, yesterday's RPM class was okay. Of all classes to forget to bring a hand towel, RPM has to be the worst. Rivulets of sweat flowing down to the handle bars.... pah, disgusting. Some people cycle with their heads facing down. Now in real life, this would inevitably have resulted in some serious crash. I reckon RPM studios should have a score board of sorts, to show the tension level or effort level of each biker. I'm dying to know whether some people actually turn the resistance up at all, for they seem to be able to fly like the wind when climbing a hill.... duhh...

Congratulations to YHSMOM on passing her mat pilates exam.


At 12:09 AM, Anonymous ladynina said...

track 6 is Vogue from BC 29. my most fav track of all recovery tracks.

At 5:52 PM, Blogger SC said...

Nothing to do with your post and sorry, but you just got tagged...go see me blogie


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