Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Malaysian Taxis

Poor YI, had to rely on Malaysian public transport, resulting in him being late for class. Regular Rache and hubby kindly set up board and bar for him, but plonked on 50% more for his warm up weight, which he eventually removed. Special appearance by Lionheart as well, for these days he's exiled to Axis on Mondays, coz Mrs Lionheart's personal trainer has moved there. For a 4.45pm class, its prettty crowded.

Mainly still the new tracks, much to Lionheart's chagrin. He keeps insisting that he can fall asleep during chest track, but I personally find it quite tough. It's never a good thing when they say, "oh, no push ups for chest, so load it up"....duhhh....I am amazed that Lionheart uses FIFTEEN KILOS for his chest track...that's double what I carry, and I'm already half dying. He must have a chest of steel. What a lucky woman you are, Mrs Lionheart!!!

Because he was late, we had to sacrifice one track, (but actually its a 45 minute class, so anything more than 8 tracks is a bonus), and it was unanimously decided that we'll have lunge to go. Pretty good class, sweated like mad. I know I should do some cardio after the pump, but Mondays are always such a mad rush, and I usually have to leave the gym immediately. Oh well, I have BODY COMBAT to look forward to tonight. I haven't seen FCI since before Chinese New Year!!!! Wow.


At 11:00 PM, Anonymous ladynina said...

haihh.. didnt sempat to talk much with you that night. :-)i must be more friendly the next time around.. :-p

At 10:26 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

dont worry, i didnt think you were unfriendly. one smile pun cukupla...friendly face wat


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