Thursday, March 22, 2007

RPM Release # Whatever

Ah, my life is complete. I have finally attended the new releases of all the classes that I usually attend, ie, Pump, Combat, Step and RPM. And yup, some of the songs for RPM are definitely from my era. Coulda sworn I heard Boney M, but when I'm suffering in RPM, I often dont really pay attention to what music is being played. I try to astral travel during RPM, by thinking happy thoughts....floating into other dimensions where life is easy on the knees and butt.

Herny expressed mock surprise to see me there, and muttered something about being in RPM instead of Step coz FSI not teaching yesterday. Oddly enough, 3 consecutive classes in MJH, from pump, combat and step all had replacements. I contemplated going for Sidekick's replacement combat, but at the last minute, couldn't get there on time. Peering from the glass window outside, I could see that Sidekick was extremely charged and energetic. Ah, nice to be young.

RPM seems to attract a more diverse age group, from very young, to rather old. Mr & Mrs Lionheart were there....err, no I am not implying they are the "rather old"...of course, being around the same vintage with Lion, I'd say we were the Prime group. Ahem. Not too young, not too old.

There was one track, can't remember which, which seemed mercilessly slightly shorter than usual. Thankfully. I always find track 2 probably mentally the toughest, coz it's like the beginning of a long long road..... by middle of track 4, you know, phew, we're halfway..... although of course it doesnt get any easier. Has anyone done a study on thumping rhythms? What is it about thumping rhythms that appeal so much to mankind??? That even babies can gyrate to those strong beats???

I still hate RPM.


At 11:53 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

i thought you were training in lake gardens?

At 1:15 PM, Blogger shades said...

You're just not in tuned with the music. I know you keep saying I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCING but you've gotta be DADDY COOL and TAKE IT TO THE CLOUDS ABOVE. RUNNING to PRETTY VEGAS, or anywhere for that matter, isn't quite fun. Think of this class as a SWEET SURRENDER to your inner soul. Work hard and sweat hard and you'll SMELL LIKE TEEN SPIRIT in no time. It's the GAME OF LOVE of cardio workout. You need to keep doing it because YOU GIVE ME SOMETHING to forward to... that one day you'll attend my RPM class.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

sunshine, coz there was no sunshine mah, and looked like rain, so i didnt go lake gardens.

shades, patient. yahor, i've never been for your keep cycling further and further away ma.


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