Thursday, March 08, 2007

He Left Me To Die...Alone...

Choi choi choi, I know its not good to use the word die, you know us Chinese, very pantang about such things. So I have to clarify that it is used figuratively. And it's not a scene from Combat (the tv series), or Platoon, or any war movie.

I am referring to RPM yesterday. I expected Lionheart to be there, my fellow in arms, my rakan seperjuangan....but alas, save for Horny, there were no other familiar faces. One of the appeal of class is knowing your fellow classmates are suffering too. Misery loves company. It's even more appealing when you know your fellow classmates, and there's a kind of camaraderie. In the darkness of the RPM studio, I felt all alone, in my pain and torture.

I haven't done RPM for goodness knows how long. One thing that always amazes me about RPM is the efficacy of the cooldown. All that "get rid of the toxins and lactic acid" stuff actually works. Coz while during the class, every muscle, fat, sinew and bone seems to hurt, after doing the cooldown, it miraculously disappears and one is able to walk out of the studio without looking like a cripple. I am of course speaking from the perspective of an irregular RPM-er. Though I can conceive how it can possibly get easier. It's like body pump, it never gets easier. I find it's best to day dream during RPM, it makes the passage of time so much faster. Now, what was I day dreaming about yesterday? Probably nothing, because it seemed to last forever.

Well, there's no point doing an indepth analysis of the tracks, torture is torture, and we all know the sequence. I reckon RPM or cycling cant be very good for ze crotch....having said that, one of my friends, an ex national cyclist, (probably in the early 80s), does have at least 2 kids, so maybe the effect on the crown jewels is exaggerated.

Workout : 1 rpm class (50 minutes)
Food : Breakfast, cereal (post) with low fart milk
Lunch, salad with some roast chicken
Dinner, steam boat, lots of boiled choke (bean curd skin), fish, fishballs, (as in fish paste made into balls, not the anatomy of the fish), sigh, noodles, (how to have no carbo), an egg, .....quite healthy mah, hor. Papaya.


At 1:17 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Aiyo...kam charm meh. Yum koong. Hahahaha. Soooo soli ah. No intention in FFK you wan lah. Caught up in stupid stupid meeting with stupid stupid clients over stupid stupid issues. Meeting finished late, and I rushed over to MJH, but when I arrived, oridi 7.00pm leh..15 minutes after Horny has let out the whip on the RPM-ers. So no point going loh.

And yeah...heard of that bit about cycling not good for the male crotch. The saying is that it may result in varioceles (dunno actual spelling),something like varicose veins, on the buah cikus. Hmmm...must check...hehehehehehe

At 3:29 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

ewwwww,...tats why you have those padded cycling shorts...

At 5:44 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Sunshine...(chuckle)..I guess dats the purpose for the pad right? Unless you wear the cycling shorts the other way round. My DIL (daddy in law) once came out blazing in his new cycling shorts, ready to go for spinning class at Cali F, n both me and wifey gathered something was amiss, but cud not point out what. Den we suddenly realize that the pad was protecting his a*s* rather than the chiku jewels...hehehehehe

At 8:17 AM, Blogger KF said...


steamboat for dinner sounds yummy :-)

I've just started to get regularly acquainted with the free weights area in the gym - thought of varying my workout.

How's the diet going? I'm in the middle of my NLP Practitioner training and while learning new techniques of using linguistics and images to reprogram the brain, I went and used white rice and white bread as the food that I like and wished I wouldnt eat so much. After the exercise, lo and behold, I realised that them things were no longer attractive to me. Strange but true. It's been 5 days since.

What a marvellous thing, the brain...

Take care!

At 9:44 PM, Blogger ladynina said...

so healthy the foods... all the best in your diet plan.. ;-)

At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee... suddenly FBB has gone on a diet? Gosh, you made me feel so bad, anyway.. happy dieting!


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