Friday, February 23, 2007

The Consequences of Pigging Out

KONG HEY FART CHOY everyone. Well, its that debaucherous time of the year again, where it's eat, drink, gamble, eat, drink, gamble.... and no exercise. But to be fair, between last Saturday and today, a span of a week, I have managed to go to the gym twice, which by standards of the average sedentary lifestyle person, is not bad, considering prescribed exercise by doctors etc are minimum 3 times a week.

Last Saturday, the last class of the Bitch year, I was in the Curve, as usual, paying my RM2 buck each direction toll on the Penchala Link, and RM1 carpark.... however, this time, there was a bonus. We had THREE instructors on stage, namely, FDI, Nikeboy (back from Singapore for CNY) and err... Lin Li? making it a 1:4 ratio of instructors to students, as the studio was eerily empty. However, it really was a case of quality over quantity, for it turned out to be a great class, full of energy, and damn exhausting. By track 4, it was huff huff puff puff.... probably exacerbated by irregular attendance in the preceding week as well. Since the class was so long ago, and many brain cells have been killed by alcohol since then, I can't really recall much else. FDI did his signature evil laugh track. It's nice to have lots of space to move around in the studio actually.

Then it was chor 1, 2, 3, all non gym days for me.... until wednesday, when I thought I really had to go, so went for Horny's pump, which was really crowded. All the usual flers were there, back in full force. Couldn't stay on for RPM so decided to do the treadmill instead. Intended to go for step on Thursday lunch, but was stuck with the massive queues in the immigration dept, making passports for the kids. Actually, just missed the class by 10 minuts.


At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

At 9:28 AM, Blogger KF said...


love the photo! Gong Xi Fa Cai :-)


At 12:06 AM, Blogger Leonard said...

Happy New Year from SG. :D



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