Friday, March 02, 2007

Still Not Back to Routine

Managed to make it to pump on Monday. I swear the clocks in Manulife are fast by 5 minutes, coz my clock (astro time) showed 4.40, and they had already started. Not to mention different parts of the gym are different time zone. By the time I got in, it was midway into squats, ....Lionheart was even later, and only got in at the end of the squats. It was a very packed class, for 4.45pm, lots of young people. Must be still on holiday. YI gleefully informed us that the lunge track in the upcoming new release is the hardest lunge of BP so far. Boy I can hardly wait.

He also did my "favourite", tricep dips. Ok, it is my goal to be able to finish any tricep dip track by the year 2008. Speaking of goals, I have made a "pact" with a "friend", to compete to see who can lose the most weight by 31st march, but starting only at the stroke of midnight, after chap goh meh. I need to lose at least 8kg. However, it might not be healthy to do that in one month la.

Anyway, its friday now, and pump was on Monday, so I cant remember very much. On Tuesday, I had to skip the usual combat, coz of another CNY dinner. As I knew I would have to skip Step on Thursday lunch, I made a concerted effort to attend FSI's wednesday evening step class before I am forgotten. However, I made the mistake of announcing too loudly, to FSI, and Horny...who then mumbled something about me missing her Pump and not going for RPM. Lion also said, aiya, if he had known i was going step, he'd also have done so instead of RPM. Actually, I probably neededto burn the calories expended from RPM, more than step. But I've been missing FSI's class for nearly a month. Doesn't time fly.

I'm not accustomed to this Wednesday step, which is so crowded, butt to butt, ass to ass....all this takes is one missed cue to collide into your neighbour....which nearly happened a few times. FSI was not sympathetic to the fact that I was completely exhausted, coz I havent done step for yonks. He said, "...hah, and you didnt even do it properly". Eh, that's what "options" are for mah. I'm sure I was doing the option properly. Snigger.

I have to say that FSI looks pleased as punch, playing these love songs that celebrate the thing that is LURVE. Sounds over the moon. Great class as usual. However, I still seem to sweat more in FDI's combat. I reckon the air cond in MJH is wayyy too cold.


At 3:15 PM, Blogger myCoffee said...

Have been enjoying your blog since I am also a gym kaki who also does GX classes most of the time. Surprisd to hear that bit about lunges in the upcoming new launch being the hardest ever? I thought nothing could possibly be worse than the current one (the one using the step board). OMG!

At 4:31 PM, Anonymous lionheart said... definitely would have sweated buckets if you went 4 Horny's RPM with me lah. OMG..tracks 5 and 7 were ultimate killers. Horny was pretty silent during the last seconds of trk 7..she later said she was totally KOed. If she felt KOed, can you imagine the situation we mortals were in??? Great great (if not alamak)class.

Talking of overpumping ourselves, do you know there will be four (yikes) BP classes in Manulife next Monday 5/3/2007. There will be Sue P's 8.30am class, followed by Boy Robin's 10.45 am one. Next up will be YI's 4.45pm class AND THEN, the BP Launch at 6.10pm with Sue P and Crystal. FSI came up to me and asked me to go for the BP Launch on Monday. So FBB, you going ah, or r u going to your normal slot with YI? For me very likely to skip the launch and go to Mr. Cool Ver 2.0's RPM Challenge instead at 6.45pm...

Btw...I oso noticed that FSI is still celebrating luurrrrvve since God knows when. He is delirious man....wonder why hor???

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Well look at it this way, if something precious is lost and then found again, one experiences great joy and relief!


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