Thursday, April 05, 2007

Last In The List

Class attendance seems to be rather erratic these days. There are periods of eerie silence, and there's the bursting at the seams scenario. I arrived at the gym at 6.30pm, with 15 minutes to go, before RPM. FSI was mumbling something about chocolate cake and chocolate chips. Ahead of me was Mr & Mrs Lionheart. (isn't it romantic how the two go to gym together gether and do classes together gether). I was told that I was the last, ie, the class was full.

Most of the bikes were taken up as well; anyway, I ended up next to Mrs Lionheart. It's quite pleasant to sit next to someone you know, and can chit chat with. It makes the ride a bit easier, like a cycle through the countryside on a beautiful spring day. Naaah, more like cycling through KL in midday heat, with the smog. Which reminds me, I'm abandoning plans for the orange run, as I cant find anyone to run with me. Not just start off with me at the finishing line, but really to run WITH me. I don't fancy being with thousands of strangers...I dunno why. And apart from Lionheart, I don't know any forty year olds who exercise. They're all either VERY FIT, (like young looking old doctor), or VERY UNFIT.

Back to RPM. That Daddy Cool song, Boney M, I think, is so darn long, by end of track 2, my head was revolving like the bicycle wheel. I still say all bikes should be hooked up to an electronic score board showing the effort level of each biker.... it's disconcerting to see some people pedal away so effortlessly when you're climbing a hill, or doing that wretched seated climb. Are they really that fit, or have their hands never touched the resistance knob since the warm up? I would like to know. And it only dawned on me last week actually, that the term is probably AERO racing, not ARROW racing. Hey, I'm not a biker. How many of you know what a dacquoise is?!!

Well, still hate RPM. I need to strike a lottery so I can afford some personal training I reckon. Alas, that would mean having to buy the lottery to start with.


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Hiya, dont abandon yr orange run la. I have signed up and many many gym members who have never run before too have signed up.

There will be many people running with you, somehow when one is tired, the presence of another tired person is comfort and companionship enough and there will be many who will be walking thru the route. Probably me too la.

I have gone for quite a number of races alone and go back alone coz i run distances which my friends are not can be quite lonely at the starting line alone, esp when one is wrecked with nerves and the legs feel like jelly,....but since it is something i set my mind to completing, i just do it la...

So if you still want to run, hop over to the Stadium in Kelana Jaya, there's a little office next to the turnstiles and fill up a form there and then and submit it. Remember to bring yr IC. You can call this number for directions 0378061297

See you at the starting line!

At 11:58 AM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

aiyo, i dont have time to go, my printer is out of ink, so i cant even print the online form. i'll see what i can do la.


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