Monday, April 02, 2007

Bah, Thanks A Lot SC

Aiya, have been tagged by Shanti Combat.... although there's no curse associated with the non-compliance of this chain letter, I guess since the blogging fraternity is quite small, okayla.

6 Weird Things About Me (thinking VERY hard....there's nothing weird about me, I am absolutely dull)

1. I love the smell of aeroplane fuel. In days of yore, or in smaller airports, when you can walk on the tarmac, oooh, I love the smell of plane fuel as it hits you. For that matter, I love the smell of petrol as well. But not diesel. Currently driving a diesel car, and ugh, it stinks!!! (diesel, not the car).

2. I get a headache whenever my hair (on the head) touches my ears. Ever since the army days, I feel ill if my hair gets too long, and touches my ear. Similarly, I get really turned off by guys with long hair covering their ears. I don't mean in a sexual way. Once, I just couldn't concentrate on a sermon in church coz the speaker had hair that covered his ears.

3. I love rolling my pei see (booger) into little balls and flicking them onto people. Alas, this practise has long since stopped.

4. I HAVE TO, absolutely have to wash my feet before bed. Other parts, optional, (though preferable) but feet, must. In fact, on normal non work days, when my feet are not clad in socks and office shoes, I wash my feet an inordinate number of times.

5. I don't take milk on its own. But I take it with cereal, chocolate milk, etc. But plain white milk, ....somehow, CANNOT.

6. I love candle wax. Hot candle wax....

Well, unfortunately, SC has tagged all the people I know, in gym, so I'm left to tag those who don't blog. Do leave your answers in my comment box.

yhsmom, Lionheart, ladynina, sunshine, sidekick, ....ack, who else ah?

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At 2:43 PM, Blogger SC said...

Muahahahaha! You are weird la...esp the booger thingy, euuw! Washing feet thing cos of old wives tales is it? They say if you don't wash your feet before bed, you'll get visited by unwanted things at night. Stay away from from fuel, esp plane fuel...its a carcinogen and a potent one at that.

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Aiyo...Nei Yau Kau Chor Ah? Tagged Ngor ah? Grrrr...and all this bcoz of you, SC. Just spoken to yhsmom, and she oso cudnt believe that she was tagged as well. Give me some time lah. Have to think hard on which of my weird things shud be published, and which shud be shut away....

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Okidoki...what is so weird about me? Wifey oridi commented that I dont need to think hard on the 6 weird things, bcoz everything about me is weird..ouch! Anyway here goes :-

1. I love "dancing" while driving with the stereo turned up tres tres loud, particularly on highways. I love doing the head banger move, especially to grunge act like Nirvana, and also "boogie" to disco era music. This can be very very embarasing. Other motorists think I am totally bonkers.

2. I am an impulsive buyer. Buy in bulk far in excess of what is required. Recently came back with more than 20 packs of 2-in-1 toothpaste cum mouthwash from Bangkok, and followed that up with another 12 from Sydney. So now I have more than 2 years supply of toothpaste...hooray. Also remembered buying more than 24 pairs of underwear in one go...

3. I simply cannot stand the sight of wet toilets, particularly wet public toilets. And a double whammy goes for wet toilet floors with HAIRS strewn all over. Eeewwww. Whenever I have to go to a public toilet and the floor is wet, my toes will automatically curl under...yuck

4. I still sleep with my soft toy, a big fat pig, by the name, Squidgy. Nice extra pillow. You can imagine how crowded my bed is.. me, wifey, my baby daughter, and of coz, Squidgy...hahahahaha..

5. I talk to myself, with hand gestures flying, particularly when I am thinking about some issues, and this happens quite often. Received stares from numerous passer-bys before..

6. Last but not least, I love to punish myself, not with a whip or whatever saucy items, but in gym, or to be more exact, during GX classes. If the classes are not hardcore or at least challenging enuff, then it is a waste of time for me. I know in Les Mill's Utopia, all the classes in their GX programs shud be the same, but trust me, it is not. Each instructor conducts the class differently, and not to mention the choice of tracks differ from one to another....

There you have it, FBB...flicking pei see around...ooerrr. And I thot you might be rolling it into little balls, and EATING IT, or, worse still, smearing it on the wall.....hahahahahaha

At 6:30 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

AIYOOOOOOOOOO, LIONHEART, sooo CUTTTTEEEEEE, you sleep with a stuffed toy!!!! SOO SOOO CUTE!!!!!

hmmm, the bulk buying thing, i oso have a bit of that syndrome....i used to have stock of toothpaste, soap, toilet paper to last a war, but these days, i've become less impulsive. oh, but i do need my selection of 15 shower gels at any one time to be available by the shower.

so cute, cant get over squidgy. is mrs lion jealous of squidgy?

At 7:34 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

OMG! I know I am weird but how to list out 6 things?

Ok. Here goes:

1. My Nike fixation. Where ever I go, when I see the swoosh symbol, I have to go in and check out the merchandise. If I am going overseas, will do a search on the internet beforehand as to where the Nike shops are.

2. Most of my best friends are men. I have good female friends too but generally I seem to click better with men.

3. Often when I buy something I like, I will go back and buy a duplicate and store it away (if it is not too expensive). Just in case the first item breaks down or gets worn out and I cannot buy it again then.

4. I live in organized chaos. My desk looks like a total mess but I can always find things when the occasion arises. Drives my hubby crazy because he suffers from OCD.

5. I like to buy cookbooks but I don't cook.

6. I enjoy squishing cockroaches!

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

FBB...Well, Mrs. Lion definitely roars from time to time. She said to me once that I was better off married to Squidgy!! The irony of it was that Squidgy was actually a gift to her back in 1995, when we were still dating. but then, Squidgy turns out to be so cuddly that it slowly became my pillow over the years...hahahahaha. Oh btw, my daughter has taken up my "fetish" for stuffed pigs as well. I think I have in total approximately 30 stuffed pigs, of all shapes and sizes. Squidgy is the absolute giant...nearly the same size as my daughter! hero lah. When most ladie wud scream and run for miles when they see one, you actually enjoy squishing cockroaches??

At 12:26 AM, Anonymous ladynina said...

thanks dear FBB. for god-knows-what-reason, i love tag game... but, too bad UV tagged me ady.

feel free to check it out here and for extra bonus, you can find it here too. :-p

anyways, we share your #1 and #4.

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Ohhh, let me think about it and list it out later when i have the time.k?

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

1.Like you, FBB, i have to wet my feet before i go th bed. And if i am at home the whole day, i have to wet my feet constantly.

2.When i brush my teeth in the bathroom, i have to raise one foot up. If the bath-tub is next to the sink, my leg is up on the bath-tub, if the sink is next to the toilet bowl, my leg goes up the toilet seat. I think i got into this habit coz when i was a very little girl, my father used to perch me up on a yellow stool when he brushed my teeth before i went to school. My eyes will still be closed, sleepy mah, but my mouth wide open.

3.I used to bite my nails and suck my thumb when i was younger. Although i have since stopped doing those things, i still continue to bite of dead skin from the soles of my feet with my teeth. I am like a contortionist, and when i am biting callouses in a hard to reach position, my foot will be covered in dribbles of saliva! So syiok!

4.I have absolutely no sense of humour. i do not laugh when someone tells a joke. I warn them ahead not to expect any laughter fr me. But when something is not meant to be funny, i can suddenly burst out into laughter!

5.I zoom in on fried rice when i go for buffets...what can i say, i am cheap to feed.

6.I categorise rain in 3 different categories, based on the rain splatter on my car wind-screen.

a) happy rain - big rain drops, sunny skies
b) sad rain - fine, continuous raindrops set in a gloomy backdrop
c) angry rain - raindrops that hit hard and come from different directions and a thunderous sky

At 11:21 AM, Blogger YOU! said...

hahahaha! booger missles... eeee!!! scary! i'll update my blog later this week.. tagged by SC :p

Lion.... Squidgy!!! :p

yhsmom.... let's go shoppin gone of these days! :p

At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...'re so funny ( and weird)...but biting your callouses? Euuuwwwww...advise from dentist, take better care of your teeth lar!

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

SC, i have a phobia of doctors and dentists...i self-medicate when i fall sick and i don't see a dentist unless my tooth aches until i cannot sleep...and before i go to the dentist, i will pray that please, please, please let there be no cavities...

I seize up when i hear the sound of the drill

I stand guilty of all those incidents abt teeth you mention in yr blog,eg if you drill, an unbearable stench of decay will hit you coz, i know, my tooth is already dead....


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