Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How Does He Do It??!!!

When I bumped into Lionheart at the front desk, he was telling me that Body Step was gonna be his THIRD class for the day, followed by Richelle's pump, which would be the fourth. Here I am thinking that it's a great accomplishment to finish one class a day. Which makes me wonder, gosh, if I did a very unsustainable 4 classes a day, would I balloon even more if I stopped? What a scary thought!!!

Anyway, as it was baby girl's 1st birthday (how fast time flies) yesterday, I couldn't go for FCI's combat, so opted instead for FSI's body step. FSI gave me a mocking look, and sneered, "what are YOU doing here".... so I had to say, "I miss you la". It HAS been awhile since I did body step. You know it's gonna be tough when you're winded at the warm up. Mrs Lionheart was there too, both husband and wife taking turns to exit the class to answer phone calls. Very busy.

Great selection of songs, as usual. My two "favourite" tracks 9 & 10, ie, I'm so excited, and Final Countdown. It was one of those classes where you finish with your arms dripping with sweat, as if you just walked in the rain. In fact, when I entered the changing room a friend asked me, "did you just walk in the rain?". I am convinced that body step cannot be good for the knees. FSI better be taking glucosamin for those knee cartilage....

Richelle gave Mrs Lionheart and me a spine chilling glare for not attending her class. Aiyo, old liao, can't do two back to back classes like that. Especially not pump after a cardio. The other way round might be possible.

Monday YI's class as per normal. Only one rose, Regular Rache, amongst the thorns. It being a downcast rainy day, very few people were there. Atlas was there, carrying the heaviest weights of all. You really cant judge a book by its cover. There was one scrawny fella carrying like 12kg on each side for chest track.


At 12:27 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

oh, no wonder i didnt see you in combat...;)

he oso did yr fav final countdown

At 2:58 PM, Anonymous lionheart said... choice lah. Had a reality check last week when I went to Janet's BS class, after nearly a year. When she saw me, the first thing she did prior to commencing the class was "Eh, what happen. You got tummy already wan! You put on weight ah?" Sial lah. Was really pooped out after FSI's class. You can imagine what Richelle dragged me thru after that. I practically had to go out of the class during the lunge track...Btw, my wife liked what she saw in FCI's class. So she has already issued me a warning.."Next week we go to Calvin's BC class hah?" And further added "I notice Serena's class got lots of men, but Calvin's class all sexy girls wan?" Oh dear......

At 8:48 PM, Blogger shades said...

hey, can always come to my combat, mostly hunky guys... wait a minute, this can't be a good thing for me???.....

Oh, FSI is now cleared to teach BODYPUMP. I suggest you all gang up on him to do one special evening class!!

At 11:18 AM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

really ah shades? your class got hunky guys?

which class is this? does airasia fly there, and do we need a passport?


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