Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Forgot To Blog

In my excitement over the orange run I completely forgot to blog that I was at the Curve about 13 hours before the run, for FDI's combat class. It's the first time I've seen him in nearly a month, (so FCI, dont complain, you aren't the only one I havent seen for yonks), because on 24th march, he wasnt teaching, 31st, was prophet muhammad's birthday, on the 7th april I was in Kampar (and he wasnt teaching either)....isn't it amazing how quickly time flies.

Now, in that period of absence, I discovered to my horror, that parking in the Curve on Saturdays has increased 100%!!!! From RM1, to now RM2. So, I worked out the cost. RM4 toll both ways, on the Penchala Link, 20km both ways, x 25 sen/km for fuel, = RM5, RM2 for parking, so that works out to RM11. Me thinks me should attend at least two classes there now for economies of scale. RM11 x 52 weeks, discounting say 30%, = RM400. Now, the differential sum b/w passport and home is about RM 30, so that's an additional RM360 per year, (seeing as to how the passport is under utilised, and only used mainly for FDI)...My my, I'm paying RM760 per year for the privilege of FDI's class. I hope he appreciates it. Poor Shades, I haven't even visited him in IOI yet. Oh well, wait for Jusco member's day in IOI Mall lah.

Economics aside, I was surprised that FDI after the long hiatus, didn't have any noticeable bungle up in the choreo. The class wasnt as crowded as before, Sidekick was missing, (he probably is teaching enough classes to actually want to attend more as an ordinary mortal), Sunshine came in after the rain, with bags full of shopping. That Paradise whatever conditioning, brrrr, very long. I think FDI's long absence may have caused him to have lost some regular fans. People, he's back!!! Come back, come back!!!

Oh, and I got a first hand demo of his superhero ability, to make goosepimples at will. Isn't it amazing what the mind can do!!!


At 3:06 PM, Blogger YOU! said...

with one look, I put words to shame... When I frown, u can write that down... When I wince, goosepimple emerge at will! hahahahha

It's ok if it's not a full class as long as whoever attended had fun :)

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Sigh! The charisma of FDI! Just reading that makes me feel faint and weak at the knees like at a Leon Lai concert 15 years ago!


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