Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Update On The Orange Run Training

Skipped the usual body pump, coz if I want to have a chance in hell of finishing the 9km run on Sunday, I think I better train somewhat. Anyway, after the rains yesterday evening, it was actually quite a cool day, and after settling my baking disaster, I needed to de-stress, so headed over to lake gardens to jog it out. This time I wore a watch. (I don't normally wear watches) coz my intention was to jog non stop for an hour. The first time (running after a long hiatus) was last Friday, where I was running in heat, (as in the temperature was hot), about 5.20pm. Yesterday I started at 6.20pm, and there was a big difference.

This time, I managed to complete two loops around the lake, without stopping. Total running time was about 35-40 minutes. The annoying thing about lake gardens is, there are no landmarks for distance, so I really have no idea, except a rough guesstimate, as to what distance I've covered. And based on my guesstimate, I'd say probably around a measly 5km. I would hope la, if not, I'm screwed.

However, I am not gonna stress myself out over this whole orange run thing. IF I can't wake up on Sunday, or am too tired, forget it.... heh heh.

UPDATE: I measured, using a string, an estimate of the route around the lake, (only around the lake) from the street directory, which has a scale, and based on that, 1 loop around the lake (extended to the old playground) should be around 2.5km, so yar, I should have covered at least 5km, or slightly more.

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At 2:24 PM, Blogger UnkaLeong said...

Chok Dee Nah! Just wake up and go for the runler :P


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