Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Groans and Grunts Says It All

You don't realise how quickly time flies, until you go back to a class after what seemed a brief hiatus, but actually, turns out, 3 weeks have elapsed since the last time you were there. YI reminded me, that it's been "ages" since I've been for his class. Even had a special "welcome back FBB[sic]" greeting at the start of the class.

I found the class EXCEEDINGLY TOUGH. The chest track, (I'm Real) was a real killer. Even the seasoned pumpers, carrying like 10 or 12.5kg on each side were heard moaning and groaning...and the shriek of relief at the end of the track said it all. I am usually able to finish a chest track without too much ado, with my measly 7.5kg on each side, but this time, it was a challenge. The clean and press wasn't much easier either, with at least 12 C&Ps before the break. And that shoulder track with the cross over pushups. What is the deal with those???? Brrrrr......

YI's biceps seem to be getting huger by the month. (hmm, huger...is there such a word? huge, huger, hugest? got right?) Spent some post class time yarning with fellow member about the advantages vs disadvantages of other gyms and other FF clubs. Apparently the new True Fitness in Jaya will have a swimming pool even.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger SC said...

I will never be seen anywhere near a pool for 2 very good reasons

1) 1 can't swim
2) I am obese and therefore look horrible in a swimsuit.

Can only wish FF will revise subs...I'd be a happy camper.


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