Monday, May 07, 2007

The Week That Was

Further to my waning interest in Les Mills classes, ...and blogging, I was too lazy to blog about the day to day classes, mainly because, ...erm, I hardly went for any. Okay, last Monday, I missed YI's pump. Why? Oh, because it was the eve of a public holiday. So? I probably was running late. Though I probably did intend to go. Tuesday, I did want to go for Mr Cool's RPM, but it was at lunch time. That put paid the plans. Ended swimming 1km (20 laps x 50m) when I brought the kids swimming. Been awhile since I swam, arms ached.

Wednesday, which was still a holiday, the BODY ATTACK class in Axis caught my attention. 1. I hardly get to go for BA, 2. Since my passport is only used for the Curve, I thought I might as well head to Axis, 3. Teaching BA was 2nd FSI, and I was curious to see how his BA class was.

I dunno if BA's popularity has actually dwindled since its launch, or was it just the public holiday. The class wasn't very full. But BA is always a great workout. By track two, I can feel my butt aching like hell, and I wonder how I'll survive the rest of the class. Surprisingly the time passed quite quickly. As usual, by the end of it, I could barely grip my legs for the cooldown, coz of the sweat.

On Thursday, hmmm, probably did nothing, or did I imagine going for a jog? Oh dear!!!!

Friday, ah, if there was ever a reason to love les mills, this would be it. Gorgeous instructress, reunion of friends, tough class, complete with the drama of overbookings, and having to read out the registry. Megs had kindly signed in for me, (I was actually already there) as FBB. But I struck that off, and replaced it with real name, coz I foresaw if there was a reading of the register, I didnt want Richelle to be in a spot and say, FUH BUH BUH....

Yhsmom, Mr & Mrs Lionheart were there of course. Took Mr & Mrs L a helluva long time to get from carpark to the gym, which made me wonder....hmmmm.....(wink wink nudge nudge)....Richelle had a team teacher with her, a guy called Jason. He certainly has the physique of an instructor. He taught the chest track. Okay, feedback. I think for the chest track, of all tracks, crisp clear cueing is highly necessary, coz we cant really see the instructor. And not everyone knows the tracks at the back of their heads like Lionheart does. In fact, I dont understand WHY Lionheart doesn't become an instructor. Not that he needs the moollah, but if he's gonna be attending so many classes, and correcting choreo, ....he might as well earn something doing it.

Ya, back to the team teacher. I'm sure he'll make a fine instructor, but for this chest track, he could have cued a bit more. I was quite dazzled by all the weights that were being carried. Newman lead the fray with his 20kg a side squats, tailed closely by Lionheart, with 17.5kg. Team Teacher was also carrying impressive weights... I think it was like 12.5kg for clean and press. Anyway, as usual, it was a great class. I'm still aching.

Saturday, had every intention of going for combat at the curve, which was replaced by FCI. Alas, failed to make it on time, coz was stuck in a massage. Had earlier that morning jogged around lake gardens, so exercise quota for the day was more or less met. Did the Kiara Walk on Sunday, with daughter managing to complete the 5km loop, for the first time. The two boys, who have the constitution of taufoofah, managed until the crossroads and headed back downhill with the mother. Heh heh, okaylah, granted that they are younger. So I guess even 2km, of which 1km is uphill, is quite a feat.

Planned gym classes for this week: Monday, Pump with YI, Tuesday, Combat with FCI, Wed, RPM/Body Step, (Herny or FSI), Thurs..... rest day, Fri, Pump with Richelle, Sat, Combat With FDI, Sunday, outdoor jog/walk.


At 12:00 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Waht happened to the weight loss challenge ah?

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Actually i was there on sat. I was surprised you were not there. Blur, blur, i thought it was KH's class; but FCI's class was fine for me too. Sidekick rushed over fr one of his classes coz he said it was a long time since he attended KH's class.

The place was milling with instructors there for the rpm classes.

And FCI had Robin, fr Indonesia to TT with him. The class was packed. All in all a great class! :)

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Agreed...Richelle's Fri pump class was great. That was definitely a family reunion for most of us. With all the public holidays and long weekends, some of us were away. It has definitely been a long time, dat all of us were present in the same class...Talking of which, after such a long hiatus, welcome back, Megs, to the pump zone....

At 11:09 AM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

yhsmom - weight loss program??? what weight loss program?

sunshine, yalar, missed out a great class. drat.

lionheart - i was aching like hell on saturday, hence needed a massage, which led me to miss FCI's class.


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