Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back To Body Combat

I cant remember when was the last combat class, let alone's who's it was that I last went to.

Therefore, despite aching from body pump the day before, I had to, by hook, or by jab, be there for FCI's class. Such a brilliant instructor, how could I possibly miss his class. So, I made sure I got there early as one cannot risk being turned away just because a list is full. Now that they put the list at the counter, it seems to be easier to get on, and I was number 10. YI was replacing Richelle for pump, and it looked like a pretty tough class. Lionheart was there, so I was glad I wasn't.

Although he was already late, FCI killed time waiting for his favourite member, Lionheart to re-enter the class before he began. We finally began about 6.53 or so.... 8 minutes behind time. He gave a broad grin when Lionheart finally roared in.

Not many of the usual suspects there.... Megs, Sunshine, Meenachi, Panjang all not there, though the female panjang was. Certifiable Steve was there though, leading in the shouts. Great selection of tracks. By track 4, the jinga one, I was feeling thoroughly pooped. Apparently the next release has a 7 minute jinga. Didnt care much for track 5, the group track. Seemed interminably long, and not particularly exciting. FCI did direct one of the members on the opposite side to attack me. Oh, earlier on, he made a reference, split the room into two sides, Leon Lai's side and my side. Both Lion and I went to Leon Lai's side....snigger, although he wasnt there.

However, I have to say, it was an awesome class. The energy level was superb, and its been awhile since I heard so much screaming. The women these days don't seem as powerful as they used to be in terms of shouting capacity. Maybe all the amazons became instructresses already.

The conditioning was wicked. It's the one with the kicks. Bang bang?? Thank you so much FCI for such a wonderful class.

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At 3:31 PM, Blogger SC said...

Kekekeke...was on a burger makan break yesterday. Burger...not so good, but company was...makes up for missing combat.

At 2:52 AM, Blogger YOU! said...

:) wish I was there too! Heading to Taipei for a short break aka get fat trip! :p

gosh! great have u back from your long break! (err look who's talking... my blog will probably not see another update till mid July... :p)

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

I am currently doing the launch tour of the clubs....:D

At 3:25 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Sunshine..wah so diligent ar?...

FBB...ya dat was a gud class. Had such a laugh when both of us did the muay thai repeaters, a la FCI's mockery style..."Hiak...Hiak...Hiak..."..hahahahaha...


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