Thursday, June 28, 2007

From Body Step To GOF

My intention was to catch the new release of Body Step with FSI, before it was too late. I happily trotted to the gym, ONLY to discover, AYO, ..... well, actually, it was Ayu... replacing FSI for body step. Not that I have anything against Ayu, I dont even know who Ayu is. But when one's mental expectation had been set for a certain thing....even the best of replacements can sometimes be inadequate. It's like going to watch a Sheila Majid Concert, but Mawi sings instead.

Anyway, with Mr and Mrs Lionheart hovering around the registration table, it didnt take much persuasion to sign up for GOF instead. GOF is not GOLF pronounced by inarticulate chinamen. It stands for GROIN ON FIRE. Otherwise known as Argh Pee Em. RPM for me is like reflexology. The first time was so painful, it always brings a shudder to go back again. Mitigating factors here would be great company, great instructor, great music. It's like saying, oh, chuck me in the gas chamber coz my friends are there.

I picked a bike next to Mrs Lion, so she was flanked by Lion and me. On my right, was a seasoned RPM-er, who likes to mutter to himself. By the end of the 2nd track, I was sweating profusely. I don't really know how to describe RPM tracks. I mean, it basically is very non descriptable. You get onto the bike, the lights go off, you cycle nowhere, up and down imaginary hills, and gasp for breath in a room with very poor ventilation. Hey, it IS like chucking me in a gas chamber.

Then came track 5. Whenever Lion declares he likes a track, I instinctively know it's going to be a killer. Yup, sure enough it is. But, the GOOD thing about RPM is, it REALLY DOESNT have to be a killer. Horny said something really weird. RIDE LIKE NO ONE'S WATCHING. Ya well, honey, that is the idea you know. No one's watching, so no turn up the dial. Okay la, I wasn't that bad, I didnt cheat all THAT much, and there were times, my resistance levels WERE enough to give me a minor cardiac.

But I do love the music, especially that Rhythm is a Dancer song. (I think that's the title). There's that usual esctatic feeling at the last beat of the song for the last track. It IS FINISHED!!!! Yahoo. My favourite part of GOF is the cooldown. It never ceases to amaze me how that "flush out the toxins" bit of the cooldown actually works. During the GOF game, I think my knees would buckle from all that lactic acid build up. But surprisingly after the cooldown, hey, I'm as good as new. (by new, I mean 40 instead of 50).

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At 11:35 AM, Anonymous BH said...

Ride like no one's watching.. I am stilll wondering what thats all about...

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

BH...great to finally see u n sc in a different class from combat.

FBB...GOF..guffaw. Great to finally see u in RPM again..after many months/moons ar? Felt so bad. After RPM, bumped into Ayu at the juice bar, and she whacked me on the shoulders "Aiya..where are you ar? RPM ar? Why never see u in my class wan?"


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