Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Can't Remember My Original Heading

During combat yesterday, I thought of a really good title for today's post, but I think it must have leaked out of my brain together with the sweat. I have absolutely NOOO recollection of what I meant to write.

Let's see, maybe if I mentally run through the class track by track, it might come back to me. Of course, FCI didnt want to start the class until Lionheart entered, making the rest of us mere mortals wait. For some reason, everyone tended to stand very far back yesterday, at the beginning, leaving a big buffer between the class and FCI. His amazon squad was there in full tow, which was good, because in the absence of Certifiable Steve, they provided the much needed impetus for the screaming and yelling.

I need to stretch this post, by hook or by jab, (by crook), because FCI accused me of favouring FDI and giving his class such a long write up. Yada yada yada. Anyway, in the middle of one of the tracks, with all the coolness and suaveness of a DJ in a disco, FCI does a voice over (like those DJs making a comment while the music's playing), "You Kok Hoe sends his apologies he can't be with us tonight, as he's outstation". Of course, such remarks are only meant for certain target groups, as the rest of the class didnt know what he was talking about!!!!

AHHHHHH, I REMEMBER NOW!!!!! THE TITLE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE, "LEFT FOOT FORWARD, AS IN YOUR LEFT FOOT"!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! One of the Amazons gave me a knowing chuckle when he made that remark. He definitely was referring to FDI's big boo boo last saturday, though FCI was quick to say, "that wasn't a remark". (yar, right). That was for track 3.

Jinga...actually his cueing was excellent, and got us into a correct rhythm. But I find this track has one jinga too many. And it's not even Christmas yet. Jinga bell, jinga bell, jinga all the way. I actually quite enjoyed the circle track this time round, ..... Lion was expressing his dislike for the new release. I agreed with him that I didnt like it at first, though I've kinda gotten used to it by now.

Anyway, it was a great class. There was one chappie there who looked positively bushed, I was quite concerned that he may keel over..... Mrs Lionheart joined the festivities midway.

What can I say? This has to be longer than the last Saturday's post.


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