Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That's My Boy

Yhsmom had announced that she would be attending FCI's class, which made him very excited. He already predicted it was going to be a great class. Well, I guess if you have good ingredients, the chances of making a good cake are better than say, if you were using margarine and fake non dairy cream. When I got there, Lionheart, yhsmom were already milling around the waiting area. Managed to get myself onto #24 on the registration list.

Requisite cheerleader, Certifiable Steve was there in full tow. Ladynina and Megs were the other familiar faces. Tall girl was there too. Have somehow never plucked up the courage to say hi to her. She looks a tad serious. Wonder if SC's injury has healed. Haven't seen her in FCI's class in awhile.

Anyway, I also wondered if Leon Lai choked or sneezed during his conference dinner, as FCI mentioned him a heck of a lot of times, at least twice by name, and a few other times by implication. In one track, he mentioned, Tuesday...pointing to Steve, and Saturday....pointing to me. Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, cueing us to shout. He made another reference, according to yhsmom, about handsome instructor (I missed this), which apparently referred to Leon also. Then, he said, SHOUT FOR YOU!!!!! And during conditioning, he announced, "my friend, You Kok Hoe, taught me that these were upper halves", and proceeded to demonstrate the upper half pushups. One wonders if he secretly has a crush on's bizarre to mention another instructor so many times.

Oh, FCI likes to think of his class as literal students. He likes to stand still and see if we remember choreo..... well, I personally have the memory of a goldfish.... I cant remember what I did one minute ago, let alone replicate an entire track on the other leg. So usually I am quite lost when he does his "teacher testing the students" thing. Sorry la, me quite duhh one.

For the muay thais, or was it the jinga, he insisted everyone jump (I think it was muay thai) but exempted those above 35 years of age. How considerate. Well, he certainly can't complain I didnt shout...I have a sore throat today from all that shouting.

Monday's pump was evil. With the new release over, and Lionheart in the class, YI was compelled to pick "the evilest of the evil" for all the tracks. I can't remember the tracks now, but suffice to say, it was darn painful, much to Lion's delight. After being accustomed to 10kg biceps in the last release, he found the 7.5kg each side a breeze. Man of steel or what!!!!


At 12:13 PM, Blogger SC said... shoulder injury almost fully healed, yeay!!!!! Can't wait to get back into class...hope I can still hook, nvm, got Leon to teach if cannot, snigger..

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Was hoping that FBB & Lion would join the taller Pump Dreamgirl's Jam with me after Combat but before I could say "Diana Ross" they had both apparated without a trace!

FBB, the Dreamgirl did a Capoeira inspired track in BJ last night, you would have had no problem tackling it!

At 4:45 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Soo funny! I haven't done a single combat, missed fci's antics!

At 5:27 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Yay..finally old tracks again after three weeks of new releases. Particularly relish the BP old tracks. And such a welcome change for BC too, after three weeks of "searching for that elusive car tyre to pee (like a dog)" for the conditioning track...hehehehehehe


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