Monday, July 02, 2007

Lion Cooks Up A Storm

For all its shortcomings, Body Combat 32 is rather tiring I think. Either that, or age is catching up. The studio and gym in the Curve was eerily quiet, although the car park was a nightmare and a half, as usual. I was lucky, managed to get a park the minute I entered the place.

There's a stall in the flea market in the Curve that sells lovely Cameron's strawberries, at 11 bucks for 3 punnets. And rather sweet too, considering they're local. The equivalent amount, for Driscolls would cost RM24.90. Oops, am I blogging in the wrong blog? Food.

Leon was decked in a beach shirt, as FF Curve was having a beach theme. No one else was in theme though. He had his back up squad there, in the class, Renee and Lillian. The class went smoothly enough, with no real noticeable errors. He took pains to say, LEFT FOOT FORWARD, AS IN YOURS, this time, for track 3. At one point, he also remarked, "why, can't shout ah, its not Tuesday" or something to that effect.

He had the two women up on stage with him for Track 6. I had gone out to get a drink after the groupie track, and Richelle who was sitting outside said, "cheating again ah, next time bring water bottle".....duhhh, hardllly cheating lah, after I reentered Leon was still demonstrating and talking. With the two women on stage, it was almost like the Dreamgirls theme, except there was one man on stage.

Now, for the real highlight of Saturday, dinner at the Lion's Den....

The most divine Lamb Cutlets in Port Sauce, Oxtail Stew, Mash, his signature chicken with hainanese coffee shop bread, yummy vinegared trotters, and wow, Megs brought all my favourite wines, Cloudy Bay Sav Blanc, and one other really great chablis, Sunshine, living up to her nickname, brought DOM PERIGNON no less. And Mrs Lionheart made a lovely Bailey's Vanilla ice cream!!! What a feast. Thanks a load, Lionheart and Mrs Lionheart.


At 12:29 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Thanks sooo much for the lip-smacking food; the wonderful cake from the illustrious baker paired with the loverly ice-cream; the wonderful wines,i particularly liked the Mischief and Mayhem chablis that has so much depth; the dessert wine which brought to my mind fields of lavender in that one sip, rather delicate; and most of all the wonderful company!

As i sit here staring at my boring chap fun, i am wishing, WHY oh, WHY didin't i take another helping of that deliciously juicy lamb????

At 2:23 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

FBB, Sunshine, Megs, yhsmom, FCI and Ah Girl, Horny, FSI, Boy Robin, FDI and Richelle...Hey. thanks a lot for turning up at my place. Been a pleasure masaking for you lot lah. Had a blast...

Megs and Sunshine...thanks sooooo much for the wicked wicked booze. I was so shocked that I was still standing after the volumes I guzzled down... usual..what can I say. Ze durian cheese cake and the richa choco cake practically knocked me over... back to the grind stone to work off all those calories....


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