Friday, June 29, 2007

FSI Missing Again

Well, you can't say I didn't try. Two consecutive days in a row, I try to catch FSI, so I can lose my Body step no ## (what is it? 65?) virginity to him, but yet again, he was missing on the Thursday lunchtime slot. I realised the minute I signed the register, for his name was struck out and replaced by Bryan. My first thought was, omigoodness, is it the Monica Seles Brian? The one who grunts during body pump as though ...ahem, you know....

Anyway, turns out it was a different one, again giving credence to my theory that certains names have a predisposition of becoming instructors. I have to say, the fellow royally screwed up the first track. Dunno if he was nervous or what, after all, these are the hallowed halls where gym luminaries like Lionheart drop their sweat daily. I myself, already unfamiliar with the tracks, was even more confused that normal. Well, if his first track was like roughly shaven ice kacang, his subsequent ones miraculously turned to gelato, smooth and seamless. Which perplexed me, hence I attribute it to nervousness.

It turned out quite alright actually. By track 3 he had regained the composure and confidence of a 60 year old diva, and I couldn't really tell if there were any other errors or not. This time there were THREE men (excluding the instructor) in the class, very rare for a Thursday lunchtime slot.

I thought this release was fairly enjoyable, though I was quite winded by track 6, and very rarely do I ever have to exit the studio for a drink in the middle of the class, but this was one time. I dunno which tracks it was that FSI and Nippon Macho Lady Instructor were practising a few weeks ago that was from this release, but resembled body jam....

I like the speed track. Oh well, much as I would have preferred to have lost my Body Step No ## viriginity to FSI, I guess once you're approaching the end of your chance, anyone also can la.


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

I think the BJ-ish tracks that were done by MNLI and FSI during the launch were Track 7 (recovery) and of coz, Strut, the party track, which happens to be SC's fav? I remember both MNLI and FSI were "fatt hiau" all the way for Strut, and of coz, FSI turned out to be the winner by miles...kekekekekeke..

At 8:32 PM, Blogger M@njAkid said...

excuse me.... me the winner?!?! Hiaks! Btw FBB, text me next time before coming k? so soli to hear that u hv to lose ur virginity (FYI BS68) to Bryan. kekeke..


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