Monday, July 09, 2007

One Week Summarised In One Post

After last Monday's pump and Tuesday's combat, I didnt blog because we're still on the new release, and there was really nothing to say. I mean, they were great classes, as usual, because of the instructors, but it's like going back to your favourite restaurant and eating the same thing over and over again for three weeks, until you've covered all angles. So, I am sooo looking forward to this week, which heralds the END of the new release compulsory period.

So, Monday was pump, Tuesday was combat. I couldn't stay after track 10, because I had a dinner. Lion and Mrs Lion were there. Crowded class as usual.

Then came three days of sloth. No gym, no exercise. By Saturday, I felt I had to do SOMETHING, before all the fat co-agulated. But I wasn't going to go for combat, with no offense to FDI, because I just couldn't do another current release. So, I thought I'd go for body step. FSI was still in Bali, and was replaced by Kenny. Now if there ever was an FRI post, it would go to him. Favourite Replacement Instructor. I always enjoy his class, be it attack, step or pump. For BS, I have only done the new release twice, so I didn't mind doing it again. (or hangon, have I done it only once??) Damn good sweat. And very crowded class as well.

On Saturday night, yhsmom hosted her birthday dinner at Cafe Cafe. If you want to read about the food aspect, go here. Present were the usual suspects, ie, yhsmom and hubby, Lion & Lionness, ahboy & ahgirl, Leon and me with wifey. The food was divine, completely recalorising anything I might have lost in FRI's body step earlier.

On Sunday, I was unusually inspired to try and catch 2nd FSI's step class at 2.45. I found out later that he had actually been absent for the last month, replacing Tony in SPK. So it was timely that he returned when he did. Loved the class. End of the new release, it was really hyper and energetic. Must have exhausted a few people, coz about two people left halfway. Must try to rekindle that habit of going for Sunday afternoon Body Step.


At 3:13 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

After all these years, you are looking as gorgeous as ever, if not better!
Happy birthday, yhsmom!

At 7:52 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Thank you dear!


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