Monday, August 06, 2007

Flawless Performance by IPOD

I've been a good boy. (okay, good old man). Friday, Saturday and Sunday, consecutively, I have been going to the gym. Friday for Richelle's pump. Fabulous class as usual, though the gym seemed a bit more quiet that usual. Even Certifiable Steve was not his usual verbose self. Maybe because his favourite spot, directly behind Lionheart, was taken. Flashes of pain strike my mind, like a lightning bolt, as I vaguely remember biceps. But Friday seems like such a long time ago, I can barely remember anything else. The usual suspects graced the class, ie, yhsmom, Lionheart, Atlas. Of course no one came close to Lion's 20-20 weight for squats.

Saturday, ....well, I guess it would have been a bit too much to ask, had I pestered the gods to give me a repeat performance of FDI's spectactular fall last week...and of course, nor would I wish it. But well, a small small small part of me, deep deep deep down inside, was hoping for some "action", but alas, it was a flawless class. IPOD breezed through all the 10 tracks with the ease of a buttered buttock fitting into a tight pair of jeans with the aid of a shoe horn. So, really, it was uneventful in that it was perfect.... no mistakes, nothing to laugh about, except for a sudden, "gimme the lurve" towards the end....not sure directed at who.....

Anyway, in my ongoing effort to exercise "more", I also attended 2nd FSI's step on Sunday, making it two consecutive weeks. Pity next week's the quarterlies, was just getting the momentum. So no step next Sunday, but I hear the dream team, Jacqueline (aka Gorgeous Woman), Richelle and some thai fler is teaching next Friday at the curve at 5.30pm.

2nd FSI's class was really energy packed. This class of all the classes is the hardest to do, because it's at 2.45pm on a Sunday afternoon, which is nap time for normal human beings on a Sunday. So, at track 8, or was it 9, I was suddenly jolted awake when the fler slipped and nearly fell over some wet patches and nearly fell on his posterior. But I guess since he is younger than Leon, reflexes were quicker, and he managed to avoid a complete tumble, and injury.

On an unrelated note, suddenly a lot of fitness first luminaries have appeared in the papers over the last 3 days. We have our legendary Kylie Gates, who I've been dying to meet and chat with, (without having to go for body jam), who was in yesterday's StarMag,

Next we have Mrs Lionheart, appearing in a non fitness related article, in today's NST, looking very radiant and regal, befitting the title of Lionness.

And here again, in the Star I think, is our FGXC, together with another instructress, Ezura, .....


At 5:05 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

re: buttered posterior
so funny la, but i am confused, was it a breeze or a squeeze? :D

At 9:25 AM, Anonymous ladynina said...

can... you still can talk to her. she teaches pump & attack too. but not all outlets la, certain outlets only. heehee..

At 9:42 AM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

sunshine, when its buttered oridi then its a breeze larrrr.... easy wat just to slip in. dont forget the shoehorn.

nina, i very the shy leh.

At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kylie teaches Pump and Jam on the first thursday every mth at IOI.


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