Monday, July 30, 2007


It was such a busy weekend, with the kid's school Family Day, followed by a friend's daughter's full moon party, followed by another friend's housewarming in the boondocks of Sungai Buloh. I have not exercised since FCI's memorable IPOD SHUFFLE class on Tuesday, partially due to the heel still paining, (sic), and partially due to busy busy busy. Couldn't make it to RPM on Wed, coz of meeting, (yes, WORK!), Thurs Step, probably no transport, and Friday Pump, was in Ipoh. So I absolutely HAD to slot in a class on Saturday, and well, Body Step with FSI at the Curve was as good a time as any. He should be honored though, me paying the RM4 toll, RM2 carpark and RM 4 fuel charges to attend his class in CURVE, considering he is MML's GXC.

Ah, how I miss FSI's classes. They're great as usual. His trademark, Survive song....reminds me of when I first started doing his classes. The class was rather crowded. Anyway, the highlight of the weekend (sorry ya, FSI) was what transpired AFTER the class. After showering, I stood outside the studio, on my way out to watch a bit of FDI aka Leon aka IPOD's class. He was being assessed by Shades. Anyway, when I watched it was track 3, that "when you call my name" song with the box uppercuts. I left shortly, but in hindsight, wished I had stayed on the spectate one more track. Coz, apparently, in track 4, our dear Leon did an IPOD TOPPLE... he fell with what was described as "with the grace of the famous Naomi Campbell tumble on the catwalk". This was during the evasive sidekick. Lady Nina attributed it to a distracting member with off beat timing. So, anyway, this was when Superman came to the rescue. How convenient and lucky for the class that he was actually present there to do the assessing!!!! And what dratted luck that I shoulda missed the whole drama. Apparently it was breaking news, even FCI heard about it.

Anyway, dear chap, (FDI) we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you in FCI's class tomorrow night.

On Sunday, with renewed vigour for Body Step, I attended 2ndFSI's step class in MML. Very crowded for a Sunday afternoon..... very hyper class as usual, and a great sweat.



At 3:00 PM, Anonymous ladynina said...

heehee... that was what i thought initially... but according the goodself, some wet patches did get involve... :-)

hope he'll get well soon...

At 9:08 PM, Blogger YOU! said...

hahah wet patches... hehehe sounds dubious :p getting better now

At 12:18 AM, Blogger M@njAkid said...

hmm... u can claim the RM2 from me, the rest from IPOD lah :P


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