Monday, July 23, 2007


There was much fanfare amongst our crowd when yhsmom managed to get Peter the Great who's back from Dubai, to replace Richelle's legendary pump class on Friday at MJH.
So, I was really disappointed when at 6.30pm, I still hadn't finished my baking orders for the next day. Resigned to the fact that I couldn't make it, I hurried up whatever I had left to do, and by the end of it, feeling like an overworked Cinderella who couldn't make it to the ball, looked at the clock, that said 6.40pm. I instintively gave Lionheart a call to see if the class was full, he said, "NO, COME NOW". I tell you, it is a record!!! I leapt into my workout clothes with the dexterity of Clark Kent stripping in a phone booth, grabbed my knapsack and got driver to drop me off. Lionheart had kindly set up my board and weights for me, and I managed to enter the class about 2 minutes late!!! FABULOUS effort. Thanks Lionheart!!!

10 minutes into the class, I felt as if I was at a party with really great music. Being the legend that he is, PTG obviously has a cache of old tracks that the Youth of Today are not privvy to. And what great tracks too. But PTG was reallllly in his elements, and stripped every other Diva Instructor of their titles. He is undisputably the QUEEN OF DIVAS. (QOD). (Same acronym as Queen of the Damned, by Aaliya, according to Lionheart). Even Steven who was watching from outside looked amused. How can I describe the class? Brilliant, really brilliant. Entertaining, hilarious, tough, challenging. And Lionheart has been raving about his biceps track where QOD was doing catwalks up and down the front of the class. But definitely it was the presence of gym luminaries and Friday hardcores like Lionheart, yhsmom,

certifiable Steve, Megs, Newman, etc that spurred him on, because I used to attend his 4.45 pump class before, and definitely he wasn't as showy.

Well, if the Queen of Diva titles goes to Peter the Great, what about our Leon Lai? Leon said in an sms interview that "well, yes, compared with PTG, the rest of us divas are mere mortals". Awww......Lionheart has crowned you Princess of Divas.....acronym POD. However, due to your constant travels, abroad, you have earned the title of I-POD. International Princess of Divas.

Due to the still nagging plantar fascitis, I missed FDI's (IPOD) class on Saturday, but I got an sms from sunshine saying that he wasnt diva like at all, but took on the form of a macho mean fighting machine. Apparently Choobacca and gang were also there. Drat, missed out!!!!

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At 11:42 AM, Anonymous lionheart said...

FBB...there is another reason why Leon deserves the acronym, I-POD. According to yhsmom, Leon speaks 5 languages. I have seen him giving Richelle a few pointers in Thai language. Waahh...can be international translator liaw. Therefore the tag, "IPOD", is defintely up his alley...


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