Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pay Attention When I'm Speaking

Made it just in time for combat on tuesday, as I was busy whipping up cakes for selling. If Cerberus were still guarding the gate, I'd have just about made it, as I was the 2nd last in the registration list. I suspect most people don't bother registering anymore. The studio was exceedingly packed, the amazons in full tow, I guess one for the road before ramadan.

It was really like a reunion. Lion, Sunshine, Megan, Yhsmom, AhGirl, and guest stars, Lionheart's parents in law. FCI looked chuffed, and announced, "my whole family is here today". As usual, the normal rambling on about Leon and whether or not he was coming. I swear, FCI harbours a secret obsession of sorts with Leon, IPOD, and conveniently blames it on me. Somewhere in track 2 he announced, look, Leon's here....I didn't even bother looking, coz I thought he was kidding. Later on, I find out from Sunshine that Leon was indeed there. Shortly after, he entered the class, and of course, to fuel the fire, me and Lion went WOO WOOO!!! Dramatically, FCI ripped off his mike from his head, and declared, "that's it, I'm not teaching".....
I wonder if the rest of the class knows what the heck is going on.

Anyway, Leon, being so tall, did take up a LOT of space for track 4, but was in his elements, and was doing flying evasive sidekicks that would give Jet Li a run for his money. I mean, its normal for FCI to fly like that, he's young, but for Leon, not bad, not bad at all for his vintage. But the flying was higher on one leg than the other.

Oh, yes, the title. At one point, shortly after Leon entered, FCI was explaining something, and true to my fidgety self, I was looking all around, (AND NOT PARTICULARLY AT LEON), and I get chided like a standard one kid who's chatting with his friend...."PAY ATTENTION WHEN I'M SPEAKING".....Roll eyes.

I have to say I quite enjoy this particular jinga track, although it's 7 minutes long. Unlike the previous release with interminably long jingas till you can fall asleep, this one is quite happening. Before that, FCI offered his face towel to anyone who wanted to wipe the sweat off the floor around them. How magnanimous. Meanwhile FCI, sweating like a hog on heat, was giving everyone within a 10 foot radius "eau de calvin"...

I quite enjoy this conditioning track, with that tricep whatever....the one where you prostrate and pump.

Lion's parents in law must be the most happening 60 somethings in the gym scene. His Father In Law has the dexterity and flexibility of a 20 something....can touch his toes during the cooldown without much problem, while Lion and I are writhing like we were on a torture rack.

Yhsmom and Sunshine promptly followed Leon to the body jam class after wards, so didn't get a chance to chat.

Monday, the new pump release. It really wasn't as bad as YI made it sound the previous week, save for biceps, and back. Mercifully, biceps was short, but evil. The boy had a fever apparently, so was carrying light weights, much to Lion's chagrin. I was rather pleased we ran out of time, so had to skip lunges.


At 2:22 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

I was right at the edge of the studio, constantly kicking the glass wall, i didn't get half of what transpired in front....pity...

Ya Leon's evasive sidekick now very terror-merror!

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Megan said...

“FCI, sweating like a hog on heat”…

FBB, FBB simply lurve your brand of humor!

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

I have to say, the new release for BC is definitely better than the new releases for other Les Mills programs this time around (at least for those that I go to lar), save and except for Aargh Pee Emmm, which I personally think is great.

Megs....ya, I was baptized countless times by his "holy water". At the rate he is going, FCI will replace Jeremy as the Fountain of FF.

FBB..Oi, my Daddy In Law asked for your blog address lar...So far, I have not given it to him yet. Nanti he stalk you all the way...hehe.

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous ah girl said...

i saw you (as in FBB) wiping FCI's sweat off your face with that disgusted look. so farnee.

Lionheart, your parents-in-law sooo happening. your mil is real fit.

someone commented that FCI's evasive side kick is like a little samseng going 'wheee'! very hot indeed.

At 4:59 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Lion, RPM has been great for the past 3 releases, i think.

I find pump chorey really comprehensive to give a full body weights workout.

Combat, i liked it better the 2nd time round. Jinga track is good, and the third set of the tricep-blaster makes me scream which is great!

But the one I cannot get outta my head has to be....body jam!!!

At 5:50 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Ah Girl....Yup. Marmee in law is really really good in combat. She also does pump, spinning, yoga and pilates as well. Talk about all rounder. Her yoga and pilates definitely explains her incredible flexibility. Forgot to mention....papa in law has the same hot hot shoes as Ah Boy lar....Anyway, papa in law was really impressed by Ah Boy. Keeps on raving until now, how good his class was, and worst...apparently he told (or is going to tell) Flo and gang (particularly Stephanie) from California, that Ah Boy is miles better den any of them...OUCH!!!!!

Sunshine....Pump is okay lar. Just wish the songs are better. Absolutely hate the chest track, not bcoz of the chory, but more on the song. So forgetable wan. The only really tuff/painful one is biceps and the back track. Next wud be the shoulders. Somehow for abs, I prefer the hover option rather than the "push the bar" option. Ya...saw u guys doing Rihanna's Umbrella for BJ....hideous....hahahahaha

At 12:57 AM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Loved the new BJ! Great music, awesome moves! New release seems more targeted towards the young and nimble though! The older but still flexible me can do it but it's not too good on my joints and knees!

At 3:24 PM, Anonymous lionheart said... far as the way you boogie is concerned, you are "25" to us....hehehehehehe

At 9:31 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Yhsmom, nowadays, the world is all confused; the young act old, the old act young; the adage that age is only a number holds true! And there is always glucosamine to cushion the joints, hehe!

Lion, yar the pump songs are so-so only; BUT-BUT i am addicted to the workout i get from this pump release;

And, and, i am so-so ADDICTED to the Sexual Healing track in jam!


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