Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do It For You

Although FCI seems to imply that I am the one most happy to see IPOD, I reckon he harbours a secret thrill seeing IPOD in the class, for his constant reference to him is bordering on obsession. I reckon the poor class is being deprived of his lurve, as he constantly focuses his attention at the door, to see if IPOD has arrived.

It was nice to see such a good turnout of familiar faces. I had originally intended to do PUMBAT, but kid no 3 was laying a guilt trip on me, so much so I actually TURNED AROUND after leaving the house, to spend a bit more time with him. Sigh. The influence of kids these days.

Sunshine, Lion, Certifiable Steve, Feb, ...Tall Girl, all the usual. But STILL, FCI was pining for IPOD. Although shifting the "blame" to me, and accusing me of giving a big broad grin when IPOD finally arrived, I could sense his elation and immediate perkiness.

Several references to IPOD made it seem like that was all he cared about. But, despite that, and the mike that wasn't working, it was still a great class, as are ALL FCI's classes. IPOD took the extra attention in his stride.

I have been bad. Very lazy. Yesterday's combat was the first class this week. Skipped YI's class. And skipping all classes today to bring kids to watch RATATOUILLE. Lionheart, you better enjoy all this gyming before your daughter grows up and starts laying guilt trips on you!!!!


At 3:38 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Aiyah, FBB, no need to wait for my 21 month old dear Natasha Elizabeth Foo to grow up b4 she lay guilt traps on me lah. Now oridi does it. When I step out of my house, she goes "Papa, jis?", offering me her cup of orange juice, looking at me with the cheekiest smile ever. Makes your heart melt. Sometimes no words, but she just walk over and started patting me on my legs, and looking at to handle it? Either go to gym during the wee hours in the morning when she is still asleep, or pass the buck to wifey...hehehehehehehe. Admitted, sometimes just doesnt work. You will just have to stay at home and accompany the kiddo, or take the kiddo out to play. For my dear daughter, scary...she loves to go shopping!!!! No kidding. She has inherited her mother's penchant for shopping and worse, her lurve for nice handbags.....oh dear. My little girl never fails to exclaim "nice" when she sees a beautiful dress or a nice Chanel handbag!!! Hehehehehe....


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