Monday, November 05, 2007

Like A Reunion

I was thrilled that on Friday evening, I was fairly free and unencumbered and could make it for Body Pump with that amazing Richelle. As I entered the carpark, I noticed YHSMOM's car in front of me, and I motioned to her to put my name down, as she got a park first.

I saw Lion's car as well, so I KNEW it was going to be a painful class. I was not disappointed. Richelle was in her elements...(I think we also need a new nickname for Richelle. Originally because we were saying she was like a cross between Riyo and Michelle...but now that we hardly see or hear of Michelle, I think she deserves a more flattering nickname).... but drew too much unwanted attention to me.....shudder.... everyone knows what a shy soul I am.

Anyway, it was torture from the word go. The Gwen Stefani Lonely Goatherd track for triceps, the Now We Are Free for .....what was it? Chest? Actually, FCI should be honored to be Maximus, since the Gladiator song is featured in numerous programs, and in different beats too!!!

What's with the lunge track with squats??? I looked in horror as I saw Lion loading his barweights to 13.5kg (or was it 18.5kg?) for lunges....I thought he had gone mad, like some other English King, but well, actually He Who Knows Every Les Mills track by just listening to the opening line, was loading up for the squats. Pain Pain Pain.

After the class, we were milling around the juice bar, and YHSMOM was telling her adoring fan about our blog, and how everyone's featured. So if you're reading this, welcome. (Lion, what name to give ah? Fisherman's Friend?)

Went to Lembah Kiara park for the first time, on the behest of exFCI. What a gem of a place. Two nice tracks for jogging, and a waterfall and stream even for kids to play in. What a discovery. Ran 2km, walked 4km. Not bad for a lazy Sunday evening.


At 3:03 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Hahahaha....Fisherman's Friend would be great!!! But the shortform, FF, is similar to Fitness First hor?! Anyway, yhsmom already has a name for him lar....Sweetie!!! Btw, according to yhsmom, he has already jumped onto your blog bandwagon...

Now We are Free is the squat track. Eh? I thot Richelle has a nickname called PFPI mah? Maybe shud be FPI by now hor??

That was a great class....definitely reunion, with the absence of our dear dear Certifiable Steve. But then,his usual moans and groans are not missed tho...wonder did you notice the aunty standing in the right corner of the studio...Now she was having some serious orgasm there....

At 11:19 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Yes it's definitely Sweetie or Sweet T for short!

At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Lion in BP class while waiting for the 5:40pm line dance funk in Manulife on Monday...heart of a lion, that one :-)



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