Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Walk, Pump, Step, Walk, Pump, Combat a nutshell, that summarises what I've been up to since the last post. By walk, I'm referring to the Bukit Kiara Hill.

Anyway, on the 2nd day of Raya, during dinner, I slipped and fell on a very wet toilet floor at some chinese restaurant. I don't know which is worse, the venue in which I fell, or the fact that I fell and cut my toe, and hit my back on the edge of the squat loo platform.
So ya, that rendered me in pain (even till now)'s not a major pain, just a slight nagging pain, that doesn't justify going to a doctor just yet.

Hence, I thought a nice long walk would be the least impactful exercise. That was last Monday, the public holiday. Tuesday, I went for FSI and Kenny's pump, which was fun, as usual, but had to watch for signs of pain. Surprisingly it was okay, but with a heavy heart (laden with cholesterol, I suspect) I decided I shouldn't risk doing FCI's combat cos of the higher impact. For the record, that was the FIRST Tuesday combat I've missed in the last 4 months. IF that's not LURVE, I dunno what is.

Then on Friday, I thought I'd try out the back, and since I couldn't make it for pump, I thought I'd try the new body step slot with KIM, my first instructress. BIG SIGH. You'd think that after attending her free step class on Friday lunches for a few months, (this was in 2004), and usually being one of the few roses amongst the thorns, there would be a FLICKER of recognition. I wasn't expecting a rousing, OHHH HALLO, HOW YOU BEEN, or anything of the sort. A smile of acknowledgement would have sufficed. Sob sob. Not a raised eyelash, of recognition.

Either I havent done step in a helluva long time, or her tracks are really different vintage. Very good though. Great class, apart from the "I've never seen you in my life" look.

On Sunday, it was walk again. It's like my fortress of solitude. With earplugs, I enjoy this me time very much. But it was also nice to have company. Was joined by Pits and Wife after the crossroads.

Monday, it was back to routine. YI's pump, packed class but no Lionheart, so I thought it'd be easy, but heck, no. He kept saying it will be easy. At the end of the class, regular Allan said, "which track EXACTLY was easy?" The biceps was a killer, with 2 sets of sixteen singles, and lots of bottom halves. Brrr..... and triceps. Those dips are such a killer, coz these teeny weeny triceps have to bear the weight of the entire body, almost.

Tuesday, back to combat, of course, greeted with a sarcastic sneer, "oh, you're here..(rhyming with sneer)". Anyway, his regular cheer squad wasn't around, no Lionheart, no Stevie Wonder, no Ah Girl, no Megs. Only a quiet Sunshine, and me. The class was eerily quiet, so I thought I'd do my bit, for my favourite combat instructor, and tried to shout as best as I could. All I got in response was, "....oh well, better than nothing".

Such gratitude. Oh well, better than nothing, I guess.


At 11:59 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

I thought lion would join us but he left after step and didn't even do pump.

I was feeling ravenous and my stomach was rumbling. Could hardly concentrate on the moves let alone shout! hahaha.

But i could hear you, proclaiming your lurve, loud and clear!:p

At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

get well soon.

At 9:11 AM, Anonymous nina said...

take care and get well soon....

At 10:46 AM, Blogger Choobacca said...

What were you wearing, japanese slippers? Lucky your foot did not get stuck in the toilet bowl.

Take care brother, heal well soon.


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