Thursday, November 01, 2007

Getting Lazier By The Day

Ya, well, although I have been silent, I have been going to the gym, except for yesterday, Wednesday, when I was overcome by an unspeakable sloth.

Monday evening was pump as usual. Not a trace of Lionheart anywhere, which makes me wonder if he's in town. YI chirpily announced that since Lionheart not around, can do easier tracks. Again, I don't know which track he meant was easy, coz none of them were. I find myself completely exhausted after his class.

But its nice to see that some youth of today aren't as resilient...and virtually collapsed halfway through the lunge tracks, while old men and women still plod on.

Tuesday evening, combat as usual. Great selection of songs. For the record, Carmina Burana isn't the satanic soundtrack from THE OMEN, as I was originally told. Anyway, that was the intro for track 4, the one with the imaginary samurai sword. It's bad enough that we are punching imaginary targets, with the sword, we're another step away from reality. We're using an imaginary sword, to kill an imaginary opponent. Hmmm, might as well just point an imaginary gun. (which would look absurd, so that begs the question, does wielding an imaginary air sword make us look ridiculous to the outside onlookers?)

Track 5 (Dead Ringer for Love) has such a happy feel about it. I cant remember if this is the one with the dramatic guitar strumming ending. I originally didn't like the Back in the UK or back to the UK song, ( I wanna check your microphone), but it kinda grows on you. Was glad he did that for track 8. It does seem inordinately long though.

Very energetic class. Outside, he (FCI) snidely apologised for the class being too noisy. It is a veiled reference to my previous post about "the instructor formerly known as sidekick, or IFKAS (as Shades sugggested), he was implying that I said IFKAS class was good because there was no shouting. For the record, I said the class was good IN SPITE of the fact that it was quiet, not BECAUSE it was quiet. I can't roll my eyes enough.


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous emma said...

ur fci is such an attention seeker. :-)

At 4:14 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Yalar....been missing gym these days. Not doing as much as wud like to. Just got back from Bangkok, and is currently swarmed with work. Therefore, missed all evening classes, including JPS's and FCI's cls. Instead had to wake up damn early to attend Torture Queen (nickname bestowed on Wenisa by EffGeeAckSy)and also Richelle's pump classes on Tuesday and Wednesday. The only evening slot I could attend was Wednesday from 7.00pm onwards. Off to Horny's 7.30pm RPM Challenge (She replaced Wes's class) in Axis....Dat was one AWESOME challenge class. Not a single easy track. All killers. Came out walking kangkang oridi!! Hopefully will be back to more classes by next week.


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