Tuesday, January 08, 2008

1 Month No Pump

I was dreading my foray back into Body Pump. But I have to make my Fitness First membership fees worthwhile. Last month, having been to all of like 3 classes, it probably worked out to RM50 per class. Tsk!!!

So, the month long hiatus from Body Pump came to an end yesterday. Quite a lot of familiar faces, but there was also a new older couple. How romantic hor, at retirement age to go to gym with your wife and do classes together gether. Shudder. Oh, the other couple (not old) who used to come, I think have defected to True Fitness because of their really cheap rates, and apparently the Jaya 33 one even has a nice pool. But nothing like the camaraderie of the classmates in FF, with the charge led by Lionheart.

Lionheart was stuck outside the gym in deep conversation, and came in just in time for the chest track. I salute the fella. I doubt I would attempt a pump class without warm up. Especially with those kind of superhuman weights. Having missed the new (latest) release completely, I have no idea which tracks were old or new. Now, I have concluded its not the first class that you go for after a long break that hurts the most. It's the 2nd class. Coz after a month, the muscles and fats are well rested, and it doesnt hurt immediately. But the next day, OMIGOSH!!!!! I was surprised I could complete my most dreaded track, biceps, and ALMOST managed to complete lunges without buckling.

Quite a nice feeling getting back into routine again.


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