Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can You Do It When Someone's Watching?

I meant to blog about this in the previous post, but forgot. Our dear Richelle is now literally the poster girl of Fitness First. Don't know who the guy is, but she looks darn good in the Contender series of posters. She's everywhere, even behind cubicle doors. Which poses a problem, when you, or more specifically, I, want to poo. It's quite disconcerting having a friend's face stare at you when you're ...erm, doing it. So, anyway, I had to drape my towel over the picture before I could proceed to PIP. (Poop In Peace)

Talking about Contender, there was a writeup on the Contender Combat, on Shades Blog, partially in response to my previous post. Aww Shades, I really really didnt mean to hurt ya.

Monday's pump class was extraordinarily painful for me, for some reason. I swear, those weights seems heavier than normal, so much so I actually switched plates at some point to see if maybe I picked a wrongly calibrated 5kg. It REALLY felt like dead weights. Could barely finish the chest track. Triceps dips are a constant nightmare, I really need to practise more with those. Its disgraceful when petite sweet young thangs can effortlessly do them dips, and here I am (thank God for the other chap, ...shall we just call him Christopher Reeve, since he looks a bit like him), who despite the superman exterior, also finds it hard to dippy dip all the way. Lion was moving in and out of class muttering something about having to take a client's call.

Tuesday Combat as usual. The class seemed a bit subdued without Certifiable Stevie in the room. Quite the energiser bunny he is, and one doesn't realise how much so until he's absent. Fortunately, another replacement bunny entered at about 2nd track, the mysterious Janvier, who up till then, had been an anonymous face behind a mask of lips of voluptuous proportion. I had seen them in passing at the last combat class I attended more than a month ago, when I had to make a hasty exit, so didn't really get to chat. For such a "petite" fella, they sure pack a punch in the screaming department. (They refer to their singular self as "WE" hence the they and the them). During the signature Tatu (Not Gonna Get Us) conditioning, I could feel the force was strong, but had my back (and ass) facing the studio door, but the minute I turned around, there she was, Gorgeous Woman, the Woman In Black, all poised outside to take a replacement Jam Class. I was glad I had ahem, chosen to do pushups on the toes rather than on the knees. One wouldn't want to appear too wussy in front of her.


At 11:11 PM, Blogger Janvier said...

Ooo word verification hagis! How we miss haggis.

That's all of us shouting at once. Well we normally don't have to be heard in Tuesdays' classes but with Steve not around we were nudged to help out. :S

At 10:00 AM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

i never know what you're talking about half the time, heh heh....what hagis?

At 12:07 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

OOOH, i know oridi what you mean...those letters of the alphabet in the verification box before you can submit comment was HAGIS...yes yes, sometimes i see weird words too..

At 1:42 AM, Blogger Janvier said...

Yep! You got it.

LOL we be loud because all split selves start shouting together at once...


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